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They sample or imitate the voices of friends, family etc so you think they are behind it and when you say something most will think you're delusional or on drugs and thereby alienating you so you're alone more or even all the time and then you're an easier target. They like to make you think it's neighbors or family a lot.

They use your electronics and possibly house phone and electrical wiring. It's been 3-4 years for me and I live in the Seattle area. I don't know why. When they started a group of 5-6 young adult guys would also follow me. Them in cars, me on a bike. They would just stare or yell non-sense. Then I caught them watching me in the bathroom. They had run a plumbing snake, the kind that's like 3' long and has an electronic controller and camera (with night vision) and can squirt stuff (I found it online) but they had run it from the condo above into my ceiling fan vent. I opened it and one yelled, "Get it out!" and watched the thing yanked up above.

I haven't found any common ground in all of us they do this too. They talk pretty much 24/7 when I'm at home and call me a sick fuck, stupid and stuff. They get mad about porn too.

Since it's a group and the number of hours and people it's got to be government or some hate cult that's really well funded.

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Listen to me, you are implanted. I know first hand. Go to the hospital and get a brain scan. Look at my posts and pics. Yours will match mine....I'll follow up with Lawyer info later!!!

Mike, I hope you and your family are finding the answers you need. I am going it alone and it is HARD.....

I believe that you were targeted by the same Agents I have been, because they do the same things. Stay safe.

And clean and sober!!!!! It makes life just a little bit easier (most of the time). 

I am being monitored 24/7 and have voices when I don't do what they want.  They threaten to get me in physical pain with their weapons and often do. When I am being attacked physically all I can do is hide in my room and I shake violently. It can happen at any time without warning and has me totally anxiety ridden, to the point that I need medication.  Holding down a job was difficult because when I am physically hit I cannot function and had to leave work complaining of a migraine. I eventually got fired from that job and am now left struggling to find a new one. I could handle the voices but it's the physical attacks that are wearing me down and beating me up. It's caused my eyes to become extremely puffy and they burned the skin under my eyes to make dark circles, which thankfully have started to heal. I'm afraid to write all of this stuff out of retaliate- I never know when they will attack me or start on my eyes again for mentioning it. I am just trying to live each day as normal as I can and have to pretend that I'm okay to my family. They know something is up when I am physically hit, but they cannot comprehend that it's electronic harassment- they think there is a medical explanation but I've been to every doctor to no avail. Does anyone else out there suffer from the torturous effects of physical attacks? I feel totally alone in all of this and I can't tell people because they will assume I'm crazy! Thanks for allowing me to share on this forum and any feedback would be greatly appreciated. S.Boewer


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"poliisit nimenomaan haluavat näyttäytyä,mulle ei ole selvinnyt miksi.Sama koskee pelastuslaitosta  ja  vartijoita"
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My neighbors,  Philippine couples ...

My neighbors,  Philippine couples ...who can enter my house any time  without opening any doors, hang Canada national flag over their house every year, are foreign agency? Robin YanCanadian victim of tortureSee More
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"Biden is deep state 100% and won't do anything, Trump was our best hope for justice. Lets hope that he really is starting his own new party , the PATRIOT PARTY who will be countering the deep state."
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Money stolen and replaced with 50 pennies

"Sorry for your stolen monies Miss Sickofit's and all the damage and break-ins you go through, people do believe you and know your not lying, I only pray they Stop and leave you alone."



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