The Fact and evidence

Soleilmavis was controlled by remote Voice to Skull technologies and Mind Control technologies, and she was brought inside US Embassy in Hong Kong

Soleilmavis presented her paper “Mind Control with Electromagnetic Frequency” at the conference held by China Fudan University and CASA (Chinese American Scholars Association) of USA in Shanghai on January 5-7, 2015.


The Arguments:

Soleilmavis case summary of mind control abuses and tortures

An anonymous Survey for Mind Control Victims (result on 19 Dec 2009)

Some News articles about Soleilmavis

 After 6 months I have received a reply from the Honourable Ralph Goodale, P.C., M.P. Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness

 If you read the "signed" response, you will see the veiled threat when he mentions a specific law at the end. He does, however, do a thorough job outlining the actual crimes, although I have a much longer list that I consider to better represent the situation.…

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Interesting Software

Anyone here feeling a little EH from RF energy today? ¡?¡ This software has Radio DF input choices for E-field antenna and H-field antenna or both. A setting for rotation of antenna is also available.

9143205293?profile=original Note the nice little microwave dish as the icon for the…

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Help For Targets

Help for Targets
Jimi Hendrix had a sound that he included on his 'Electric Ladyland' album
called "Moon, turn the tides... gently gently away". The sound is said to be…
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There have been discussions about the subject of famous targets over the years. Who is a target? Who has reported symptoms? How many are unaware of the symptom's possible connection to this activity? How many famous people are prescribed psychiatric drugs?

One report from the Citizen's Commission for Human Rights helps us to understand the scope of the abuse. The stories of some famous people inform us of the extent of damage psychiatry has had on society.…

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I came across another TI's opinion on what is being used on us. I think he is correct. The problem is that they use old and new stuff to harass us.

Here is the message I read:


(from Luke Grizzly on YouTube)

I am a targeted individual. It is not modern technology the stalkers use. What they are doing is projecting their astral bodies into my physical body. They call it skin crawling and they do it constantly. I can feel(mostly in my feet) and hear them…

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Build a protective sanctuary.

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    Dear Peacepink members,

    I've the ability to build a sanctuary that protects fellow suffers from direct-energy weapon attacks. I'm interested in connecting with people interested in actively working with me to undertake this project so they may have a space (with full long-term tenant rights) within the structure that will offer you a protective barrier.

    Such a structure is normally financially prohibited for a single individual, but as a group, feasible, please note…

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Fight, you are not alone. Fight, we are together. Please send, not only for myself.

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    They at once again paralyse the webpage by which I send this  email letter  to Prime Minister of Canada regarding their ongoing brutality and evil. 


    Canada was the first country  to announce one aeroplane carrying all Canadians  was shot down by missile. Great! 




    Again, they immediately disable one temporary secure email box after one International Human Rights lawyer of Human Rights Center contacted me. They immediately shut down my internet when…

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Steven Jones posted a status
I have been in a flood and have lost most of my furniture, appliances, electronics, books, and much more. I have started a GoFundMe campaign to attempt raising funds for necessities. I don't know where to post the link other than here.…
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Steven Jones posted a status
I have been in a flood and have lost most furniture, appliances, electronics, beds, books and much more. I have little left. I started a GoFundMe campaign to attempt raising funds for necessities like sneakers and jeans. I don't know where to post…
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