Mind Control news this week (May 9 to 15, 2020)

1. About two week ago, there is a lady in mind control space fake to Regina Ip, her Chinese name just one word difference from me, she alway mapping me for shower, so I know she got a big round face with small nose. At the same time, there are 5 fakes of Andy Lau in mind control space, they all used electronic harassment for making money. I hated the fakes in deep since I also have fake in mind control space, under the perps control to ruin my reputation.

As you know, I am a victim under mind control situation, the perp separated the space from me and the fake, so I don’t know who they are. But as Regina Ip and Andy Lau, they are powerful persons in Hong Kong, also in the mind control space, why can they accepted such fakes stand in mind control space, torture people to live? May be as someone said , they manipulated the fakes to making money to support their political career, or pay to whatever they want whom torture to?

And also have another horrible rumour, said that Regina Ip and Andy Lau already dead under mind control kill, and someone used mind control technology to switch their appearance and identities, manipulated for against China government, and doing something that Hong Kong government not willing to do. True or dare? I don’t know, please tell me after you got confirm.


2. At Vancouver time noon of May 9 to 10, 2020, the metamorphosis chip controller remote control electronic harassment for heartache, I had reported to Hong Kong police. The ref No. Ref#ERC2005102044477

At the same time, there are some perps in mind control space stalking the royal family of Thailand.


3. Vancouver is the most beautiful place in the world, when I went to outside for exercise everyday, the perps group stalking me for sightseeing without my consent, and the metamorphosis chip controller also mapping me with someone who over weight, I felt difficulty in breath, big belly prompt show, my body not my own, like a difference person, I felt my under wear very tight, soon becoming wear and tear, after the mapping separated, the amazing thing happened that you can not believe my skin still in perfected situation, only the fatty perp got hurt. why? there are a lots of unknown come from mind control technology that we need further study.

This week, The metamorphosis chip controller mapping me with the perps who got over weigh, used to stop my running exercise. After I back home, the metamorphosis chip controller remote control electronic harassment for headache over 10 hours, sometimes remote electronic for sleep。At night sleep time, they remote electronic sleeping deprivation to about 2:00 to 3:00 AM, totally upside down day and night, seriously affecting my physiological nature. I can not do anything what I want, only wasted my time, wasted my whole life. All about mind control, it can ruin your everything that you have already got or not yet.


4. The metamorphosis chip controller mapping my face with someone else, caused my whole face unbalanced, the ears was one high and one lower in big difference, I can not wear my glass, also my eyes unbalance too, It was seriously harm my appearance and social life.


5. This week, the metamorphosis mind control perp projected a baby to my inside apartment, I don’t know why they doing? And the other hand, I read the news that few of baby got allergy in skin, if it was microwave symptom, not medicine, not scratches, only water wash everyday, and put some baby body powerder for smooth, until the mapping separated.



1. 前兩周開始,腦控空間出現1位假扮葉劉的女士,據說真名同我只差一字。面大鼻細,經常同我併芯片沐浴,從而引來其他男子併芯片性騷擾; 另一方面,有幾位自稱是劉華的人在空間以害人為生,已知者: 劉玉翠哥哥,江華,杜亦衡,彭偉華,廖偉雄,張松枝以併聲假冒劉華。我對假冒者深惡痛絕,因為在空間有多位假冒我的人,都是以抺黑我為目的,不同之處在於我是受害者,對假冒者束手無策。但他們無論在社會,在腦控空間有很大的影響力,也是空間話事人之一,為何對假冒者視若無睹?難道真如外間傳說一樣,利用假冒者在腦控空間作孽害人賺取政治本錢,或者供養手下?另一更恐怖的傳說是,真的葉劉和劉華己死,所以利用腦控機換面術,將假冒者呈現於公眾眼前,利用他們的公眾影響力做一些反中或者政府不能做的事。到底真相如何?有待大家去觀察和判斷。


2. 溫哥華時間5月9-10日中午,變態控機賤人遙控電子武器令我持續頭痛,我已於9日中午向香港警方報警,報警編號:Ref#ERC2005102044477



3. 因溫哥華的景致實在太美,可謂百看不厭,每當我出外散步時,有大堆不認識的眼部跟蹤者同我併芯片,有超肥者同我併身體,令我肥腫難分,呼吸困難。因為我們衣服的尺寸是根據自己的身材而定,當超肥者併身體時,明顯感覺到內衣緊勒,當行走時,會磨損緊貼的肌膚,但奇怪的是,當將合併者分離後,我肌膚完整無損,損傷者是併我身體的超肥者。我相信腦控機仍有很多我們未知的功能。

本週每當我出外運動時,變態控芯片賤人將超肥胖者同我併身體欣賞溫哥華景致,令我沒辦法跑步; 當我回家後,即遙控電子武器令我頭痛,有時令我昏睡; 而到了晚上睡眠時間,又遙控電子武器睡眠剥奪至零晨二時,24小時大群人跟蹤,長期如此,日夜顛倒,將嚴重影響我的生理規律,沒辦法在家工作,沒辦法處理個人事務,每天都在浪費人生寶貴的時間。 腦控是多麼可惡的事情,可以在短時間內癈了人武功。


4. 變態控芯片賤人長期將我的樣貌同他人合併,令我左右面不平衡,而最明顯的是左右耳呈現高低,令我沒有辦法戴眼鏡。同時眼睛,眉毛都呈現高低不平,嚴重影響儀容。


5. 本週變態控機賤人將小孩投射到我家中,不知有何動機? 另一方面,我留意到新聞提及有小兒全身無緣無故皮膚敏感,如果是出於微波症狀,只需用水洗,不需食藥,如感覺痕癢,可用無剌激性的嬰兒爽身粉即可。


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