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PURPOSE: Practically, the Neurophone could be used to communicate with the deaf but more often, it is used to terrorize targets. The tracked individuals here recorded/live threats, propaganda, etc. which those around them do not hear (delivered mainly via satellite laser). This harasses and discredit’s the targets; especially if the problem is communicated to those unaware or the relevant technologies.
US Patent # 3,393,279. July 16th, 1968
US Patent # 3,647,970. March 7th, 1972
The Neurophone was developed by Dr Patrick Flanagan in 1958. It’s a device that converts sound to electrical impulses. In its original form electrodes were placed on the skin but with defense department developments, the signals can be delivered via satellite. They then travel the nervous system directly to the brain (bypassing normal hearing mechanisms). Dr Flanagan’s “3D holographic sound system” can place sounds in any location as perceived by the targeted / tortured listener. This allows for a variety of deceptions for gullible victims.
Today, the CIA, DIA (etc) use satellites and ground – based equipment to deliver verbal threats, deafening noise and propaganda; using neurophone technology. Anything from TV’s/radio’s appearing to operate when switched off through to “Voices from God” and encounters with “telepathic” aliens are all cons using neurophone technologies to torment, deceive and (most importantly) discredit agency/targets. Naturally, the system can mimic anyone’s voice and automatic computer translations (into any language) are incorporated.
Anecdotal evidence indicates that people like David Koresh, Martin Bryant and others could have been programmed then remotely triggered (or tricked) using harassment technologies like the neurophone. (Although most of the targets are intelligent and law-abiding). For example, John Lennon’s killer, Mark Chapman, reportedly heard voices before and after silencing the agency-hounded peace advocate. “God” apparently told him to confess verbally.
To explain why others physically moving into the path of the laser (or whatever) do not pick up the signals, please note the following “possibilities”…
a) Kirlean photography may be an ancillary system so it’s attuned to the targets personal energy field (their unique EM waves).
b) The magnetite in our brains can act as a detectable fingerprint.
c) Equally each of us has a unique bio electrical resonance frequency in our brains. EMF brain stimulation may be encoded so that pulsating EM signals sent to the targets brain cause audio-visual effects which only the target experiences. This, to me, is the best explanation.
d) The individuals “vibrational pattern” could be used as a signal filter like a radio receiving only the sound modulating the frequency of the station it’s tuned to.
e)The monitors simply adjust the volume downwards when you’re in a position where the signal could hit someone else’s body. Even if they heard it (briefly) they’d attribute it to another voice in the crowd etc.
If it wasn’t so effective it would not be used to facilitate silent communications between U.S. Government agents/military personnel. And, by numerous reports, today used in relentless, ongoing, technological harassment of thousands of targets in a government program harassed around the clock as targeted victims from state-of-the-art operation centers nationwide, and many report globally. They system is also portable.
I am a victim of the ability of the intelligence services and other criminals to broadcast voices and visions into the minds of non-consenting and extremely unwilling law abiding good will people. Here below is a sample of some of what has been transmitted into my mind in the past several days as follows:-
"She is not our secretary."
"F*** You. She will do what she is told."
I myself asked those who transmit their voices or simulations of their voices inside my head the following:- "Who was that?" One of them answered as follows "I dont know who it was. I was afraid to ask him." This was followed by another voice as follows:- "Since when is Gretta Fahey supposed to be your secretary" Another voice then answered as follows:- " I assumed we have the right to ask them to do simple jobs."
"We hate her but she responds by hating us even more. It is a hate hate relationship."
"Nobody will be allowed to be in a prone position during the day in the future." ( I was in bed in the afternoon.)
I myself said the following to one of those who transmits their voice inside my head as follows :-
"You are a meat bag full of s---. " They responded as follows "We can not work within these parameters."
The team were telling the supervisor what I had been doing over the last few days and the supervisor then was heard by me to say " I dont want to know about her because I dont want her to appear human."
At another time a voice said the following "No more lagresse for you." ( I do not know them and I do not receive lagresse from them and I have never done so and I never would do so in the future and I dont know who they are because they broadcast voices, visions, sensations on my skin and forced muscle movement from a distance by means of neural stimulation and by other means while they remain anonymous cowards.)
"We could easily access her and pull her out of that house."
"She is remaining in her home most of the time so we cant access her."
"Is she sleeping around." (I am single, alone and celibate by choice.)
"Is she a drunk." "No. She is not." " I would prefer if you would allow me to decide that." ( I never drink alcohol.)
When I am asked a quetion by the main staff that question is sometime directed to a team member and they give an appropriate answer in a way that they believe I would answer in order to falsely make the main staff member believe that I am co-operating with the control system. I never co-operate with the control system. It is an partial enslavement and psychological torture system.
"What are you doing to Gretta Fahey (Gretta Fahey is my name)
"We have her wirelessly connected to a computerized control system from implants in her brain and her body and the news is worse than that because we have also you all similarly connected and we influence your thoughts, and beliefs and behaviour."
"She is suicidal. She can commit suicide if she wants. We dont mind."
"She hasnt got a licence to own a home."
"Your ignorance is beyond measure."
"I am getting sick of her. She is talking about the same thing all the time."
"Freeze her account."
"Why don't you f***** have a shower at a decent hour of the day." ( I dont shower till midday approximately.)
"I thought she would adapt to the system."
"She is only a waster."
" We dont want you to wash your clothes for 44 minutes any longer because that is not economical. (I normally chose the program on my washing machine which washes my clothes for 44 minutes.)
"We have plans to externally control the inside temperature in everyone's home from now on. However, we can not externally control the inside temperature in your home because it is an old house with no thermostat which would be required to enable us to do that."
If I purchase a package online, the criminal neuro operatives sometimes ask if I deserve it. If it does not arrive on time they expect me to grovel to them verbally through the online link which constantly connects me to them or else I wont ever get the online product which I have already paid for which makes it my own property..

You will all soon be receiving voice commands directly into your heads if the DNA databanks are not destroyed as a matter of urgency and if the chemtrail spraying of the skies over our heads is not stopped.   A sample of your DNA plus electrified skies plus your body and brain being embedded with nano technology allows unknown others to digitally enslave you.

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Government Databases of both Human and Animal DNA samples can be used later in warfare and they need to be urgently destroyed.
In order to transmit and receive data to and from a human or animal you would need their DNA sample and they would need to have nanotechnology preinstalled in their body and brain and thirdly you would need brain aquisition software while the human or animal in question would need to be in an electromagnetic radiation environment. If all of the above requirements were met you would then be able to make a digital physical and mental slave of that human being or animal.
RAND defines the Internet of Bodies as a growing industry of devices that monitor the bodies of living creatures, collect health and other personal information and transmit that data over the internet. It can also alter the function of that human body or other living creatures. If unknown others have a DNA sample from a man or woman or other living creature and if that man or woman or living thing has nano technology inside their bodies then unknown others can turn them into a wireless digital slave. It is now known that covid-19 Vaccines are vectors for the installation of nanotechnology into the human body and brain. That situation has been verified by Dr Pablo Campra of the University of Almeria in Spain who has examined covid-19 vaccines under an electron microscope and my other scientific means. His final offical and legal report on the matter is to be found at the following online link Detection of Graphene in COVID-19 vaccines by Micro-Raman Spectroscopy by Dr. Pablo Campra - ORWELL CITY All dna databases throughout the world should be urgently destroyed by the governments of each country today in order to protect us from wireless enslavement which is ongoing throughout the world now.  Further to that, the skies over our heads have been ionized by means of chemtrail aerosol spraying which is also known as geoengineering.  Our skies have been rendered electrified.    This ionization process allows our skies to be covered in plasma which then allows others to play movies across the sky,  which would be presented as supernatural events in order to frightened onlookers because extremely frightened people who are uninformed about current capabilities are easy to control and manipulate.  .
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Tito de Alencar Lima - one of us


Many of us are on the pages of our Peacepink portal because we are strengthened by the words of “God Bans Mind Control”, whether we are believers who go to their churches or not or those  who carry their God within them!

An important question for all of us is how our Churches are announced and posed when we, the targeted individuals, are in question! For us, members of the Christian religion, the question whether our priests were Catholic, Protestant or Orthodox is very important, whether they would hold a memorial service to our murderers, and not to us, who did not want to or could no longer endure the humiliation or torture we were subjected to, and which ones are most often aimed at our revision?  How do they see us? Some of us think we are - the greatest saints and martyrs!

 I recommend the story of Tito de Alencar Lima, Brazilian Dominican friar who was severely tortured during his country’s rule by a military dictatorship. This torture eventually led to his suicide! Would the priests you know hold a funeral service for him or those who brutally tortured and forced him to do so? There is nothing in his biography that we know, no digital torture and there are no executioners whose unethicality surpasses the Nazi, fascist one, however, there is no science that gets his hands dirty and yet - everything is the same!

I know the views of the top of the Serbian Orthodox Church, since I have already informed them in detail about all the decades of experience and persecution that I know and that my brave and rebellious son has obviously gone through, since his earliest childhood! The Serbian Orthodox Church Serbian are under the rule of the country in which I live!

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"A man"


If any of us had just read Oriana Falaci’s “A man”, a biography of Alexandros Panaogoulis, a Greek hero of the Resistance Movement during the fascist military dictatorship in Greece, he would have been appalled by the gruesome torture of this Greek anti-tyranny fighter. He would be appalled by these torturers in prisons and the imaginativeness of his executioners and the hatred that accompanied it. Each of us might think that we could discuss the similarities and differences of the evil of abuse that we have had the misfortune to know! Similarities and differences of torture in the real and digital world! There is no answer to the question of how these executioners could have been so determined, how they were not sorry!

Is it just an addiction to the pleasure of Inflicting pain or obedience in fulfilling orders? In dictatorial regimes, it is – the unpunished possibility of probing not the limits of the victim’s endurance, but the limits of endurance of both the one who issues orders and the one who executes them.

Does this mean that there is already a way to replace torture in camps and prisons for political disobedient people in dystopian societies, which may be waiting for us? How many of us have already been anonymous Alexandros Panaogoulis? Haw many have lost the battle with such gruesome punishments and   persecutions? Have our homes become our prisons in which we suffer without knowledge and evidence for others in the Orwellian lying world of persecution? And how passionate it would be if it was known to a large part of the public, which would follow it with the compassionate arms crossed?  This could lead to a gruesome collective collapse of a community, society, state and difficult paths of recovery. The decision on the impunity of such crimes should not be commented on!

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Does Taco Bell Take Apple Pay? in 2022

Does taco bell accepts apple pay in 2022 Taco Bell is one of America's most popular fast-food restaurants? It has over two million customers and over 7000 restaurants in the United States. Taco Bell accepts a variety of payment methods for the convenience of its customers. Taco Bell restaurants and the Teco Bell website accept a variety of payment methods.

Apple Pay, on the other hand, is becoming increasingly popular as a convenient payment method for Apple device owners.

So, if you are an Apple user and want to use Apple Pay to pay at a Taco Bell restaurant, you may be wondering if Taco Bell accepts Apple Pay. With our research, we discovered everything there is to know about Taco Bell's payment!

Yes, Taco Bell accepts Apple Pay as a payment method both in-store and online. As of 2022, the majority of food companies accept Apple Pay. Target, Costco, CVS pharmacy, and other major retailers accept Apple Pay. Taco Bell accepts credit cards, debit cards, American Express, and Apple Pay in addition to Apple Pay. accepts PayPal payments.

If you want to learn more about Taco Bell payment methods, such as Can you pay with your phone at Taco Bell, How do I use Apple Pay at Taco Bell, and What fast food restaurants accept Apple Pay, click here? Continue reading!

Here we discovered the majority of the frequently asked questions about Taco Bell payment methods from customers.

What Is the Process for Using Apple Pay at Taco Bell?

If you want to use Apple Pay to pay at Taco Bell, you must first enable it on your Apple devices, such as your iPhone or Watch. You can read the sections below if you don't know how to set up Apple Pay on your iPhone.

You can skip to the second section if you have already completed the setup process.

How Do I Configure Apple Pay On My Apple Device?

Follow the instructions or watch the video below to set up Apple Pay on your Apple device.

Go to the "Settings" menu on your Apple device (iPhone or watch).
Then choose "Wallet & Apple Pay."
Choose the "Add Card" section and click the "Continue" button.
Choose the payment methods
Enter your debit or credit card information (Manually or Hold the phone on the Screen machine)
Accept Apple's Terms of Service.
You will be able to pay once you have completed the process.


Is Apple Pay accepted at Taco Bell's drive-thru?

Taco Bell accepts Apple Pay at the drive-thru. Make sure to use Apple Pay the next time you pay at Taco Bell's drive-thru. It's a quick, easy, and secure way to order food inside Taco Bell or at the drive-thru.

Is Apple Pay widely accepted?

Apple Pay is currently accepted at over 2.5 million retail locations in the United States, accounting for 85 percent of all US merchants. Many restaurants, top merchants, grocery stores, big-box locations, pharmacies, and apps from some of America's most popular brands accept Apple Pay.

Nonetheless, 15% of stores, including Walmart, do not accept Apple Pay. Even though Apple Pay and contactless cards are the most convenient ways for shoppers to pay, there are still some skeptics. How do you find out if your favorite shops accept Apple Pay?

Where can I find out where Apple Pay is accepted?
It can be difficult to determine whether a restaurant accepts Apple Pay. You could ask the cashier or look online, but either way is inconvenient. Fortunately, Apple makes it simple to locate Taco Bell locations that accept Apple Pay.

Open the Apple Maps app on your iPhone to see if a restaurant accepts Apple Pay. Next, look for the store's address and scroll down to the "Useful to Know" section, which is located below the store's website address. If you see the Apple Pay logo or a checkmark next to "Accepts Apple Pay," the store accepts Apple Pay!

What fast food restaurants accept Apple Pay?

Apple Pay is popular among Americans, but not every restaurant accepts it as a payment method. Aside from Taco Bell, here are some other fast-food restaurants in the United States that accept Apple Pay: Au Bon Pain, Baskin Robbins, Chick-fil-a, Chili’s, Chipotle, Dunkin Donuts, El Pollo Loco, Firehouse Subs, Fuddruckers, In-N-Out, Jack In The Box, Jamba Juice, Jersey Mike’s Subs, Johnny Rockets, KFC, Luby’s, McDonald’s, Panera Bread, Peet’s Coffee, Pizza Hut, Popeyes, Qdoba, Rubio’s, Starbucks, Subway, Tropical Smoothie Cafe, Wha

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How Does Amazon Wish List Work?

How To Find an Amazon Wish List?

How to find an amazon wish list? well its  a simple process that begins with the creation of an Amazon account or the installation of an Amazon app on your Android or iOS phone. If you already have an Amazon account, simply sign in and browse the lists on the Amazon homepage.

 If you've made a wish list, you'll only be able to find it if you've made one. Create a wish list if you haven't already done so. Simply click on "Your friends" if you want to see your friend's or anyone else you know's wish list.

if you have been given access to the list by a friend or an other person, it will appear in front of you; otherwise, you must request access via email.

How do amazon gift cards work? 

What are Amazon gift cards and How do amazon gift cards work? This question may perplex those who are familiar with Amazon gift cards but are unfamiliar with how they work. An Amazon gift card is a card that is pre-loaded with a specific amount of money and given to a pre-determined recipient through email, postal mail, or other means.

gift card from Amazon

When the receiver receives the card, he can use it to shop on the Amazon website using the pre-loaded amount. A single-day purchase with an Amazon gift card is limited to $ 1000.

What is the purpose of an Amazon gift card?
An Amazon gift card is a card with a pre-loaded quantity of money that a sender gives to a recipient through email, postal mail, or other means. When the recipient receives it, he is free to shop on for things worth the money placed.

It is important to note that Amazon gift cards can only be used on and cannot be used at other stores or services. Similarly, if you have a card from another retailer, you cannot use it to shop on If you are the card's recipient and wish to redeem it, you will do so using your Amazon account. Using the Amazon gift card, you can purchase things from your Amazon wish list.

Points to remember:
To avoid any kind of accident, there are certain crucial points to bear in mind while using Amazon gift cards. Here are a few of them:

What is an Amazon wish list, and how does it work?
Amazon's wish list serves two objectives. If you're browsing around Amazon's products and come across something you like or even need but don't plan to buy right soon, you can add it to this list. This way, you'll always be able to find it on this list, which is especially useful if it's something significant to you

Another function of the wish list is that it serves as a gift registry. When you build a list and add items to it, you can choose whether or not to share it with others. This manner, you may add friends and family members to see what goods you want, and the entire process of buying gifts for someone is simplified.

 What is the Amazon wish list and how does it work?

In 2021, it is predicted that there will be 200 million paying Prime members (source: This demonstrates the number of people who shop on Amazon and are familiar with the site. If you're one of them, you've probably noticed that when you're examining a product, you have the choice to buy it or add it to one of your lists. If you're using the app, you'll see a small heart symbol in the bottom left corner of the object that, when tapped, adds the item to your desired wish list."

 What is the Amazon Wish List and how does it work?

It's a fantastic way for folks to save money while shopping for gifts for loved ones. How? Simply simply, it removes the possibility of purchasing something the receiver will not utilise.

 What is the Amazon wish list and how does it operate for sellers?

These wish lists are essential tools for vendors, as they assist them in studying customer purchasing habits. A component of SellerApp that assists merchants with product ideas includes a widget named 'Most Wished.' This tool gives vendors valuable information about which products are most desired, as well as their opportunity score. The opportunity score sheds light on the product's demand and profit margin, as well as other critical elements like competition, overhead costs, and so on.

Sellers can benefit from and use Amazon wish lists in the following ways.

Reduced prices

Customers can receive price decrease notifications while perusing things on their wish list. People add products to lists for a variety of reasons, including the fact that they aren't ready to make a purchase right now. As a result, price reduction alerts encourage customers to purchase the goods, resulting in additional sales for the seller.

Product development and research

Amazon's 'Most Wished' list is useful for a seller who is investigating what things to sell. By clicking on it, you can see what products are currently being searched for and what things are being purchased by a large number of people. Sellers can finalise what they wish to sell by thoroughly researching the pricing and characteristics of these products.

Gift suggestions

Buyers are usually looking for the best present ideas for their loved ones on important occasions. As a merchant, you can keep your customers up to date on holiday specials, discounts, and gift-basket ideas. These will persuade shoppers to add the stated items to their wish lists, and then to their carts, resulting in a purchase.

Marketing and promotion

A seller must continually engage in marketing and promotional activities. You can utilise your marketing content to encourage people to share products from their wishlist on social media pages and groups. Contests are a terrific way to engage with your target audience while simultaneously conducting market research on new items and selling the ones you already have.

Incorporating Amazon wish lists into a seller's marketing strategy allows them to reach a wider audience. This is a useful option for new sellers who wish to grow and keep track of price adjustments.

What is an Amazon wish list and how do I make one?

Many individuals are now wondering if they can have numerous wishlists on Amazon. Yes, you can make as many lists as you like because Amazon does not limit the number of lists you may make. As a result, you can make several of them, each for a particular purpose or event - a wedding, a birthday, for different family members, and so on.


Follow the instructions below to learn how to create an Amazon wishlist.


To begin, you must first register as an Amazon user. By going to the official website, you can establish an account.

Making wish lists is a breeze once your account is set up.


You must locate and select the "Accounts and Lists" option in the top right corner of the Amazon home page.

Select "Create a List" from the drop-down menu. You'll now need to give your list a name.

After you've given it a name, select "Create List" from the drop-down menu.

Creating an Amazon wish list

When you first create a list, it is private, and you can alter it afterwards.


You can apply a number of options to your wish list to make it easier to manage. To understand how to organise an Amazon wish list, follow these instructions.

  1. A 'More' button can be seen on the right-hand side. A drop-down menu will appear.
  2. Select 'Manage List' from the drop-down menu.
  3. You'll now be able to choose from a variety of options.
  4. Your list's privacy can be changed to either public or private.
  5. 'Private' denotes that it is only viewable to you.
  6. 'Public' refers to the fact that it can be accessed by everyone.
  7. 'Shared' implies that only the people with whom you've shared the list can see it.
  8. Then you have the option of using Alexa or Amazon Echo to manage your to-do list.
  9. You must now decide if the list is for you or for an organisation.
  10. Your email address, birthday, and shipping address must all be entered.
  11. Then, in the description box, add whatever you want the recipient of the list to see to make it simpler for them to locate it.
  12. After that, you can input a shipping address.

Choose between 'Don't spoil my surprises' and 'Keep purchased things on the list' as your final option. The former indicates that a product will remain highlighted in the list even after it has been purchased. The latter indicates that when an item from the list is purchased, it will be available for a limited time, but if a duplicate purchase is attempted, a warning will be provided.

After you've made all of your changes, click the 'Save Changes' button.

Alternatively, right above 'Save Changes,' there is a button labelled 'Delete List,' which you can use to delete a list.

how to keep track of your Amazon wishlist

You may add to your idea list and make notes for new lists that you create on your list dashboard.


How can I add things to my want list?

Adding products to your Amazon wish list is something you may do whenever you're browsing and come across something you need or are interested in. These are the steps to take when you locate something you want to add:

  1. On the right-hand side of the product page, there will be a Buy Box drop-down menu. At the bottom of the menu, select "Add to List" from the drop-down menu.
  2. Choose the list you wish to add the item to if you have multiple lists.

how to add things to a wish list on Amazon

People can view things that have been added to any list, depending on the parameters you've applied. From here, customers can simply choose which things they want and purchase them in the same manner they would any other Amazon product. The buyer has the option of keeping his purchase a secret in order to avoid spoiling surprises. This is accomplished by selecting the option that prevents notifications from being sent to the list's owner.

What is the best way to share Amazon's wish list?

The most crucial benefit of having an Amazon wish list is the ability to share it with others. Follow the steps below to get started:

  1. Go to 'Manage List' on the list dashboard page.
  2. Under Privacy, select the 'Shared' option.
  3. Now press the 'Save Changes' button.

Now that the list editor window is closed, you can select the 'Send the list to others' option.

After then, there will be a popup with two alternatives. You have the option of sending someone a link to 'View Only' or 'View and Edit.' The former indicates that anyone who has a link to the list can only view it and not update it. People who have a link to the list can see, modify, and remove things from it.

Now you may copy the URL and send it to the people you want.

How can I go to my Amazon Wish List?

You may access your friends' wish lists in the same way that they can access yours by inviting them to contribute, which will make it easier for family or friends who are putting together a gift list for a special occasion.

how does the amazon baby registry work?

You're expecting a child and want to learn more about how the amazon baby registry works?  The Amazon baby registry is a list of items that a new baby will require once he is born. A baby registry informs your friends and family about the stuff you'll need to prepare for the birth of your child.

What is the Amazon baby registry, and how does it work?
Parenting is a wonderful yet exhausting endeavour, and you are overjoyed to have a new addition to your family. When it comes to baby purchasing, though, it may be extremely stressful.

There are a plethora of things to consider when making preparations for a new family member. The Amazon baby registry is simply a technique to make purchasing for the baby easier. is an American multinational corporation that operates as an online retailer, selling millions of products all over the world. You can create an Amazon account and download Amazon apps to your phone or laptop to place online orders.

Creating a baby registry
Amazon provides the ability to create a wish list of things to which you may add the items you want to purchase. After login in to, create an Amazon baby registry and begin adding the gifts you want for your baby.

There are a plethora of things available on Amazon that may be sufficient to meet your baby's demands, but if you wish to add items from a different site, you can do so by using the global registry.

Friends or family members can send you the products you've put to your list anonymously or by revealing their names.

What is an Amazon baby registry and how does it work?
A baby registry on Amazon is a list of products that a baby will require once he or she is born. On, you may create a list and share it with your friends and family.

A baby registry informs your friends and family on the types of products you want for the birth of your child. Simply log in to and create a baby registry, then begin adding the gifts you want for your baby.

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Denver real estate

Are you looking to purchase or rent a home in Denver real estate in Colorado? It's just as vital to pick the correct city or neighborhood as it is to pick the right house. REcolorado has tools to help you choose the ideal city and neighborhood for you, from lofts in LoDo to family homes in Littleton or log cabins in Vail. Colorado has a diverse range of neighborhoods, from tranquil mountain towns to bustling downtown Denver, so you're likely to find one that fits your needs. How can you find the appropriate area for you when there are so many fantastic options? Begin by perusing our comprehensive list of popular living destinations.

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I am being tortured by means of wirelessly enabled directed energy weapons and neurological weapons from an unknown remote location by assailants who are unknown to me . In the distant past, I have informed the Claremorris Gardai, (police), my general practitioner, psychiatric nurses and psychiatrists of this situation and I have wrongly been accused of being mentally ill and I have been in the past mandated to ingest psychiatric drugs which have had such extreme side effects that they have tortured me from the inside out.
The Gardai have refused to validate my statement to them about this matter and instead at the time I made that complaint to them they brought me to see a psychiatrist, an act which threatened my safety and freedom, and in so doing the Gardai made it unsafe for me to ever return to them with the same complaint again even though my remotely administered directed energy weapons torture and neurological torture is ongoing.
In refusing to validate my statement of my experiences of ongoing wirelessly enabled directed energy weapon and neurological weapon torture the Gardai also refused to formalize my complaint , an act which would have allowed the Irish general public to come to the knowledge of a serious threat to their own freedom from said wirelessly enabled directed energy weapons and neurological weapons remotely administered torture. Because of this ongoing situation the Irish Gardai are a threat to the freedom of the Irish people who they purport to protect and serve. However, I believe but can not yet prove that the Gardai and members of the judiciary and many other Irish people are themselves being subjected to remotely administered mind control which is being accomplished using mobile phone BTS (base transceiver station) sites which are being used to inject post hypnotic commands and other information directly into the human mind. For further information on this topic please read an online article called 'Remote Mind Control' by Steven J Smith as well as numerous other article on remote mind control which can be found throughout the internet.
I have repeated this complaint on numerous occasions both in online videos and in online articles and I will continue to repeat it because it is unresolved and it is more important to the whole human race than anything else that is happening throughout the world at this point in human history and it needs to be urgently resolved without any further input from me.

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Canada "can not" stop what all my neighbours are doing:

" more than 200 police officers are living around and surrounding  one human rights lawyer."

By bridging my home Internet ( confirmed by computer expert) , they are hacking and disabling my 360° home security camera, making it face wall all the time so that they wear invisibility cloaks to enter and hide in my house any time to commit anything evil and brutal:
( Floor vibration lights and something else in my home told me.)

Invisibility cloaks: 

My neighbours :


360° home security cameras :



My neighbors, Kuna  couple, one of  at least 2 Philippine couples,are now attacking madly my hearing with Microwave Weapons , which cause serious tinnitus  in my home. Here is evidence, which includes nearly all Non-Lethal Weapons ; which includes how Non-Lethal Weapons can be used to  incapacitate and control human hearing, especially, in my home and my workplace :

Every day , I drive home and to my workplace over 2 hours. I have no problem at all with my hearing when listening to the radio. However, in my home and workplace, my hearing is just like a switch. I can hear clearly far away. But I can't hear some people 's talking around me. 2 minutes ago, I can hear. 2 minutes later, I can not.


My neighbors wear invisibility cloaks and kill one baby bird one day. Five days they kill them all.




UN Human Rights
UN Human Rights Council
Amnesty International
International Bar Association
International Criminal Court
International Court of Justice
Canadian Government
UN Special Rapporteur on Torture, Nils Melzer

CC :

Contact :

Temporary  email :


You all have everything I have provided since 19 years ago about why I must launch international (legal  ) proceedings against them for committing terror, psychological torture, and MK Ultra; for breaking International Law.

Fight  for my life being  threatened ; fight against ongoing (psychological ) torture, terror, poison, death threats and attempted murder by every possible means and with all possible Non-Lethal Weapons. I am not alone and I need your help.


Robin Yan

Canadian victim of torture


Please transfer to International Bar Association, UN Human Rights Office , UN Human Rights Council by fax  and, thanks.



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Some if not all of the electrical appliances in my home can be placed under external wireless remote control.   Because I have nano-network embedded in my body and brain I can and am also be placed under external wireless remote control, physically, emotionally and mentally.   Should we take down all transmitters and receivers in order to break free from this enslavement system which is under the control of Satanists and others.?

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Somebody asked what is my background .    I am a non-consensual subject of wireless remote controlled experimentation for nearly nineteen years. I have suffered because of it and I have researched it thoroughly. However, I have no academic credentials whatsoever. I have been non-consensually implanted with technology and data is being transmitted into my brain and body in the form of voice projections, images, visions, forced muscle movement, pain and other sensations for nearly nineteen years. Further to that, data is being harvested from my brain and body. I don't know who my assailants are because they are anonymous cowards who psychologically torture me by wireless means from vast distances. I have made two serious suicide overdose attempts because of intense fear caused by the psychological torture of those who wirelessly transmit their voices or simulations of their voices inside my head. My name is Gretta Fahey and my address is Newbrook, Claremorris, Co. Mayo, Republic of Ireland. I am close to my 62nd birthday. I have several friends throughout Ireland who are also going through much the same as what I am experiencing. We are not believed by government officials in Ireland because we can not prove that we are wirelessly linked to a control and partial enslavement system. Please offer me suggestions about what I should do to raise awareness of this situation. If we say too much we end up locked inside psychiatric hospitals where we are mandated to ingest psychiatric drugs which torture us from the inside out by giving us tardive dyskinesia and tardive akathisia and also by blocking us from accessing parts of our own brains.

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Do you know how to deal with chronic pain?

After the primary source of the pain has healed, chronic pain remains. Adults frequently experience this type of discomfort. The present approach to treating chronic pain is seriously faulty. Opioids are supplied to the vast majority of persons with chronic pain, despite the fact that studies have shown that they have little effect on pain or depression or anxiety.

Fibromyalgia, an illness that causes widespread muscle and joint pain, is the most frequent kind of chronic pain. Fibromyalgia is often accompanied by symptoms such as extreme tiredness, sleep problems, headaches, and IBS.

How to Manage Chronic Pain.

Chronic pain treatment aims to maximize function, decrease impairment, reduce pain, enhance the quality of life, and offer long-term relief. Most chronic pain sufferers, however, are unable to get substantial relief from current treatments.

When chronic pain management is used, an individual may lead a normal life despite the fact that they are dealing with chronic pain. For chronic pain treatment, the main objective is reducing symptoms, improving quality of life, and enhancing overall health.

Physicians design medically controlled chronic pain programmers to assist their patients in self-managing their symptoms. Interventional radiology, general medicine, and anesthesiology are the three principal fields in which medically controlled chronic pain programmers are provided.

Depression, anxiety, and sleeplessness are common symptoms for those who suffer from chronic pain. Chronic pain can lead to a variety of additional issues, such as spinal stenosis, arthritis, and more, depending on its intensity and length. If you have chronic pain, it's critical that you find a means to successfully manage it so that you can go about your daily activities without fear of becoming incapacitated by it.

How do you deal with chronic pain?

Medication and physical therapy, as well as dietary and environmental adjustments and self-care, may all be part of the treatment approach.

However, the absence of readily available medical treatment has led to an expanding pandemic in the area of pain management.

Meditation is one of several techniques to deal with and manage chronic pain (breathing exercises). Meditation can help alleviate the symptoms of numerous forms of pain by reducing the impact of stress on your body.

Is Medication the Only Way to Manage Chronic Pain?

Chronic pain can be effectively managed. Medication and physical therapy are two examples of these approaches.

Opioids, muscle relaxants, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medicines (NSAIDs), and so on are some of the pharmaceuticals that can be used to treat chronic pain. Patients who use these medicines for pain treatment report less discomfort and impairment than those who do not take them, according to several studies.

A wide range of therapeutic options is available for chronic pain, including non-opioid medication, opioid therapy, interventional treatments, and surgical therapies.

1.      Pain or discomfort in the body

For millennia, people in Asia and Europe have relied on this remedy to ease the symptoms of persistent pain.

Pain o soma is a popular painkiller that is routinely prescribed. It's been used by people with chronic pain for millennia to alleviate their symptoms. It's an all-natural, non-addictive pain reliever that works wonders for chronic pain.

For those who suffer from chronic pain, pain medication has been proposed as an option.

Pain o soma is one of the healthcare medicines offered by to relieve chronic pain.

2.      Pain o soma 350 mg

Chronic pain may be well managed with the use of Pain o soma 350mg tablet, which has been studied extensively. As a result, most patients have been using this medication for a long time and haven't had a bad reaction.

Back, neck, and joint issues are among the most common reasons individuals turn to this medication for relief. Because this medicine does not lead to addiction, it is the greatest option available. It

3.      Pain o soma 350 mg

For persistent pain, Pain o Soma 500mg is prescribed. Following surgery, dental work, or an injury, it is used to relieve pain for a brief period of time. It is the primary active ingredient that helps reduce chronic pain without making you drowsy or impairing your ability to see the world.

In a few words:

For chronic pain, Pillspalace Pharmacy has come up with the most effective and cost-effective solution. People who suffer from pain deserve to be able to get their lives back on track so they can spend time with those they care about, as well as participate in the activities they like.

Although chronic pain can be exhausting and emotionally draining, it can be managed. Some of the greatest advice and resources for treating chronic pain may be found on this site.

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Press release

Stephen Wong                   For immediate release
Telephone number: (852) 6720 8860
Stephen's blog:

The book Songs of Experience has been published

The book Songs of Experience is written by Studio Silicon, the pen name for Stephen Wong who is a modern day Bible believing poet. Songs of Experience is a collection of poetry written from 2005 to 2021. Stephen has been a pastor since 2003 and a poet since 2005.

This collection of poetry documents the struggle against evil of the author. This collection of poetry reveals the right and humble attitude of a Bible believer. They expose the evil in this world. This book also guide people towards the feet of our Great Saviour YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH / Jesus Christ.

Finally, this book is a good companion of the Bible.


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They are covering up their ongoing crimes against humanity.



By firewall, by everything possible, "Canada" is intercepting, blocking everything , anyone I am contacting, including Prime Minister of Canada, and UN.



My neighbors are now attacking madly my hearing with Microwave Weapons after I contact you , which cause serious tinnitus  in my home. Here is evidence, which includes nearly all Non-Lethal Weapons ; which includes how Non-Lethal Weapons can be used to  incapacitate and control human hearing, especially, in my home and my workplace :






UN Human Rights 

UN Human Rights Council 

Amnesty International 

International Bar Association 

International Criminal Court

TRIAL International 

International Court of Justice 

Canadian Government

UN Special Rapporteur on Torture, Nils Melzer


CC :



Contact : 


Temporary  email :



Recently, just recently, I sent this below to  TRIAL International for Crimes Against Humanity , International Bar Association, and International Court of Justice, "Further evidence from Attorney General of Canada..."





What happened and what happening in Ontario, Canada? 


Please see our emails between UN Human Rights and  me:








They hack UN, International Bar Association, International Criminal Court and everything I am using because they commit terror, psychological torture and MK Ultra for nearly 20 years with all possible Non-Lethal Weapons and by every possible means.


Terror, Psychological torture, and MK Ultra. Any kind of them can totally destroy your life and leave you  unimaginable aftermaths. And  how serious are they? Just Google them. 2 years ago   UN Human Rights Office and UN realized the seriouness and swore to collect evidence about "psychological torture"  all over the world.



15 years ago, all Canadian lawyers refused me:



My neighbors are now attacking madly my hearing with Microwave Weapons, which cause serious tinnitus in my home. Here is evidence, which includes nearly all Non-Lethal Weapons;

which includes how Non-Lethal Weapons can be used to incapacitate and control human hearing

especially, in my home and in my workplace:






Fight  for my life being  threatened ; fight against ongoing (psychological ) torture, terror, poison, death threats and attempted murder by every possible means and with all possible Non-Lethal Weapons. I am not alone and I need your help.



Robin Yan


Canadian victim of torture





Please transfer to International Bar Association, UN Human Rights Office , UN Human Rights Council by fax  and, thanks.



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Those who are being subjected to Remote Neural Monitoring are having voices, images, pain, electric shock  and other sensations projected into the brains and bodies on an ongoing basis against their wills and without ever having given their permission for this.   As this torture technology operates invisibly without leaving a trace those who are subjects of it  are not able to prove that it is happening to them.   When the subjects of it inform the police or their medical practitioner they are severely punished for doing so because the police  or their medical practitioner  will in most cases send them for psychiatric evaluation in order to cover themselves in case the subject who is complaining of being Remote Neural Monitored  should commit suicide.  The psychiatrist will in most cases then commit them to a psychiatric hospital where they will be mandated to injest psychiatric drugs with extremely torturous side effects.   Simply by reporting a crime being committed against them they are severely punished for doing so.   Why is this system in place and when is it going to be changed and who is going to change and why was such an inept system ever set up in the first place.

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