you see its very long.

it started in 2009 in london and all i can remeber was at the time i was very sad and i prayed to jesus for help. i got all these vibs nice ones and then a week or two later i met or think i met him. he told me not to worry about what people thought and what was going to happen. of course i had no idea what he meant - he(jesus) just seemed to know me in some way. at the time i met him i had no idea who i was. it was going to take me another year to figure out that. that i am in deed a saint or was one back in the 6th century. the voices didnt tell me this - they for the first year or so didnt believe me and neither did I - but ive always for my whole live been able to create this strange vib in my head at will - never thought deep about it until the strange things started - i believe it might be the holy ghost - a very nice feeling unlike theirs. but back to my story, ill expand on that later. After i met this 'man' jesus? looked just like him 6.5" tall very much like the pictures lol. anyway after him a few weeks into may 2009 i started being followed and felt extreeme parnoria and was being followed for about a week outside and at my flat by two blackout heilcopters - top of the range - obviously very high tech. this was the start of the harassment by THEM - the next month i had internet problems like you, extreme pains, breathing problems and a heart attack - very painful but didnt die. I moved away from london to dorset and to my current flat, before that i had the strangest expirence of my life. it was on June 25th 2009 at 2:30am my HEART stopped - beleieve or not and i can remember freaking out big time. i mean i had no heart beat for 5 mins maxium - now the human body loses conciouness after max 2 mins maybe less. then there was this huge bright white light and i felt wonderful but heart suddenly started up again. from then on

they took a big interest in me then. I was ok but then the voices started and at first i thought it was heaven etc - naturally if something like that happens but of course since that date the vibs have continued but the voices have got worse saying rape and using diffferent voices or my own. so not real heaven. but maybe i am the real thing so thats why 'they' are interested in me. I did research to see if what i was being or jesus said was true and seems i might have been a saint in a previous life. (google saint finbarr). everything connected to me - the painting and picture are similar look at the eyes similar level - one on my eyes is slighly higher than the other lol sounds weird but i took the same as i did then, my family history from cork and much more seems to add up so well it cant be just total chance. There is no doubt the other people are evil or not right in the head to say the least especially if the same type are doing what they are doing to you. I feel we maybe in the last days and into the 42 months of satan reign or going to happen soon. If they are connected to him and i am who they say or who i beleieve then i may not have a long time left to live. whitch doesnt scare me at all - i believe in god/jesus and life is just a process but that is still no excess for them doing this to people. as you said god wins in the end even if we are in or coming to the tribulations. I was a roman catheolic in my previous life so maybe they are attacking them aswell as others?

anyway god bess u  ill pray for you and your problems maybe that will help.


Finbar xx

2012 update. my voices and v2k has almost stopped. have faith all if it can happen to me it can happen to u.

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