7 ways to improve your Voice

Your voice text to voice is able to convey your confidence and authority. You can appear like a trusted professional. Convincing your audience and creating more impact isn't just about podcasting! It can also be used for business conversations, presentations, and daily activities with children.


Think of your body as an instrument like a guitar. Does bending the neck of the guitar make it sound awful? In the same way when our bodies stretch, twist and contract, it negatively affects our voice text to speech voice. Therefore, we must treat our bodies like musical instruments and learn to “play” properly to create the sweetest and smoothest sound!


7 ways to improve your Voice:


  1. Inhale through the diaphragm. Inhale deeply from the abdomen, not the chest.


  1. Open your mouth - you have to open your mouth to view and listen This sounds easy, but many people don't practice it.


  1. Bubbles - This is a great exercise to hold your breath while practicing speaking convert text to speech.


  1. Sit up by squeezing a muscle or putting your hand on it. When you are in a physical relationship you are talking about a stronger foundation. This way your voice will be more confident and fall to the ground.


  1. Sing in the shower and play. Yes, we wish you a happy reading!


  1. Go downstairs and read poetry or prose. Start again with a low, low voice while giving speech Text to Speech. This is useful for monotony. Adding more range will make listening to it more interesting and enjoyable.


  1. Use your hands - you will feel more powerful when making hand gestures. As long as you don't act on instinct, that's okay. Instead, focus on relaxing your body.
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