I listened to Jon Ronson interview Tim Rifat and a group of other men about psychic spying and microwave weapons at the enclosed youtube link where it is explained clearly in simple terms as follows:
Psychic spying is also known as remote viewing. It is sometimes referred to as psychic warfare. A similar type of spying from a distance can also be achieved using technology. No equipment is needed for psychic spying. You simply use the power of your own mind to spy on someone or some location as follows:-
When your brain waves are in the beta state they are moving fast and you are fully alert. You can not remote view while in this state because alot of external noise is interfering with your ability to do so. You must relax into a deep theta state in order to reduce all external brain wave interference. You must get rid of the idea of self.
Sit in an armchair in a reasonably dark room. Put on some baroque music in the background because baroque music induces your brain waves into the alpha state because it is rhythmic music. When your brainwaves are in deep theta state then doodle on a piece of paper about the target you wish to look at. You must subconsciously doodle without thinkig about it. List all non-visual feelings that come to you. List auditory information that comes into your mind. List colour and texture which come into your mind. Expand on the picture you are drawing using pure impressions only. Dont focus on who or what you are spying on at all. Stay in deep theta brainwave state and scoop information out of the delta brainwave state which is universal consciousness. Much research is being done by world militaries in order to glean information from universal consciousness by means of researching the delta brainwave state.
Most animals lack the beta brainwave state which means that they are far more psychic than humans and can possibly see more widely into the electromagnetic spectrum than humans can. In the past, women who could access psychic information were burned at the stake as witches. Millions of them were burned for this reason because a small group of individuals commonly known as the self-proclaimed elite wish to curtail the ability of the rest of us to see further into the electromagnetic spectrum that we can see at this point in time. In order to curtail our psychic abilities they have added fluoride into the public water supply throughout most of the world against our wills and without our permission. We need to be able to access universal consciousness by scooping information from delta wave in order to find out what they are attempting to hide from us. There is a morphogenic field around the human body which is also known as the human aura or human bio-field. This morphogenic field detaches from the human body and goes to a remote location during remote viewing. I believe that my own morphogenic field is being heavily interfered with by unknown directed energy weapons operatives because a portion of my muscles are being forced to move against my will since I became a targeted individual of non-consensual scientific research which is being carried out on me from an unknown remote location for many years.
Microwave weapons can be used to hurt or kill you from a distance. Criminals transmit microwave beams at whole towns and cities full of people and the criminals impose extremely low frequency (elf) signals upon the microwave beams. If the criminals impose 450 megahertz elf signals on the microwave beams that they are transmitting to your town you could wake up in a state of happy apathy. If the criminals impose 1000 megahertz elf signals on the microwave beams which they are transmitting to your town you could wake up with a bad headache. The criminals are imposing the type of elf signals which cause docility and complaince on the microwave beams which they are transmitting to your town or city right now. This mind control technology is being transmitted to all towns and cities throughout the western world right now. We are being slowly enslaved by a small group of criminals and because the whole population of the western world are being blanketed in microwave beams which have elf signals imposed upon them causing happy apathy and inertia, it is difficult to wake people up to this tragedy. The security forces of individual countries at a high level have access to this technology but their work is compartmentalized to such an extent that only those at the top of the heirarchy of the secret police and military claim to know about it. Because the microwave phone network is at the right pulse modulated microwave frequency to be used for mind and behaviour control, in times of trouble all of the movile phones in the world can be used to control the emotions, thoughts and behaviour of mobile phone users.
A large amount of world leaders in all fields of endeavour are members of a secret club known to most as the self-proclaimed elite. On the world stage, they sometimes act as if they are enemies of each other while secretly pushing the same agenda. They own and run the petrochemical industry, the pharmaceutical industry as well as medical schools, the main stream media, banking, and the war machine among many other industries. They are believed to be solely responsible for the New York World Trade Centre terrorist attack in September 11th, 2001 as well as both world wars and all other wars throughout the world in the past few centuries. They have set up a system of conducting experiments on people from a distance using DNA enabled bio-resonance frequency weapons and neurological weapons and many other types of advanced weaponry.
Initially before they began to use bio-resonance frequency weapons their agents would implant transmitters in the clothing or shoes of the targeted individual in order to track them around inside or outside their home. The implanted transmitters would then activate computer controlled microwave devices every time the targeted individual would pass by a specific spot so that those computer controlled microwave devices would fire at the targeted individual. The agents would also implant transmitters within the walls of the targeted individual in order to keep the microwave beam on the brain of the targeted individual no matter where the targeted individual went while they were inside their own home. A specific frequency would be fired at the brain of the targeted individual either to make them mad or ill but it would not be fired at the brain of anyone else in the household. Now, however, the equipment of the criminals have become far more advanced. Once they have a sample of your DNA they align the unique frequency of that DNA with the frequency of their weapons and they set up a bi-directional continual stream of energy to and from their frequency weapons to your brain and body and there is no way of escaping it. Fifty percent of MI 5 staff are women.

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