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A new research scandal and the fatal consequences for the wider community.

Online-connected brains and neural networks.


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It must be forced that FET and ICT research opportunities to the development of the new computer brain language allowing computers to learn, and to read human thoughts by using injectable brain – machine – interface.

The about same brain-machine interface has carried out research to cure Parkinson’s disease and Alzimers, depression can also be used as a cranial prosthesis for accessing the brain’s memory. With a language software, and can copy the human brain,mind, thoughts and read them.

Professor Goran Hermerén ethical aspects of ICT implants (EUROPEAN commission) in March 2005

The new computer language and the brain brain-machine interface-nano-electronics, and “Europe’s, USAs new information of technology” provides the research opportunity for reading and long-term imageing of the brain’s complexity system of neurons. A method that provides high-resolution copies of the brains cognitive behavior and human perception.

Tomorrow’s high-speed computers and related research has evolved into a sophisticated computer system with mind reading on living people.

How can a serious criminal organization and ICT-FET research on the brain, with fatal consequence be stopped? Not announced research methods, criminality can not be of  any acceptance in society’s legal system.

By  Magnus Olsson

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