"We can't allow you to live like this. You are not going to remain here in this home." 3.56 am 17th Nov. 22.
"We are not interested in this woman. She is insolent." 5.30 pm 17th Nov. 22.
"Knobble her" "We might lose her." "I don't mind if you lose her." 8.30 pm 17th Nov. 22.
"Go out to the bathroom." "This is not what I came here for. She is not cooperating. 10.05 pm 17th Nov. 22.
"Take things off her. We won't let her have anything if she isn't grateful." 12.15 pm 18th Nov. 22.
"Why is she in her sleeping space when I don't wish her to be there." 2.04 pm 18th Nov. 22.
"I am not implying it is a slave colony because I know it is a slave colony and you should be in the work place." 2.33 pm 18th Nov. 22.
"She is legally regarded as a slave." I then asked the following question:- "If I am legally regarded as a slave who legally regards themselves as my slave owner or owners."
"It is a one to one information system so we don't actually know what our colleagues are saying to her until we see it written down in her social media posts." 4.15 pm 18th Nov. 22.
"It is tiresome, preying on someone who is in a position of strength." 4.25 pm 18th Nov. 22.
"Make accommodation available to her which is more amenable to my system." 5.08 pm 18th Nov. 22.
"She should't have eaten that." 5.20 pm 18th Nov. 22.
"For what reason would you surround Gretta Fahey's house and then break in" "We would do so in order to rape her for the purposes of putting manners on her, so there." (heard between 6pm and 8pm 18th Nov.22.)
"She thinks alot of herself." 8.04 pm 18th Nov. 22. ( I responded by asking "Isn't that a good thing.)

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