Activism: Targeted individual Survey

Hi everyone, could you please all fill this survey?

I live in Switzerland and i need as many testimonies as possible and as fast possible - Various press organs in Switzerland will read everything you write and this could have an impact. Especially with the Magnus Olsson incident which they have just been informed about.

1. How long have you been targeted and how did it start?

2.What are your symptoms?

3.If you experience v2k what do you hear and how often?

4.If you experience v2k what stories have you been led to believe about yourself and the identity of the voices?

5.If you receive artificial dreams while sleeping - What are the dreams about and what impact have they had?

6.Do your fear for your life or the ones of your family/beloved? Why?

7.If you could say something directly to the press, what would you tell them?

8.Is there anything else you wish to express about Magnus Olsson/Sean Stinn or yourself?

Thank you very much in advance for your cooperation.

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  • No worries Sue - what i meant is: should i copy the whole thing in the members blog section or is there a way to "move" it there?

  • Yes it is Chanath!

    Sue, how do i do this please?

  • Thank you Marrti - many people have read these testimonies as well as the Swiss press and the feedbacks were quite positive. This is good for us.

  • 1. Over thirty years. It started that they started to call my name.

    2. Voices, and different pains, mostly in head. Sleep deprivation. Other manipulation of body heart, vision etc.

    3. Nearly every hour I am awake. They do foretelling (which is not true) Tell what other people think about me etc and call me with names.

    4. Voices identify themselves sometimes as research group for some university. Sometimes swedish, or Finish army. Some times boat owners , who are teach to manipulate, and sometimes "temple builders"

    5 I have artificial dreams very seldom. Last one was that I went to deep catacombs of caves vith a group of turist, then it became a meeting of satanist.

    6. I fear death, because they make often  death threats.  I also fear that they would invalidate me

    7. There are frequency counter measurements, that some of us emit r.f. frequency, while control person does not emit.  If you think all of us mentally sick, then there is "schizophrenia-waves" that can be measured with radio frequency counter. 

    8. For Magnus Olsen:  I am happy you survived. Take travel insurance next time.  Acutally we in Peacepink should think, and made some kind of plan, what we can do, if something happen for some of us.

  • Great, this already made some noise  - more of your testimonies are needed, please act!

  • 1. Hard to say. Looking back I guess low level stuff started when i came out of Uni, about 15 years. That said there is a very military element to this and with the family history i only recently found out abut--well, i may have been on the list since birth.

    2. Again in my case hard to say. I've had a lot of physical violence as well over the some maybe due to that rather than just DEW. But I think the constant headache i have had for over seven years now is DEW. I never got V2K, so maybe naturally thick skull and i get headache instead. They dislocated my spine once, several eyars later i'm getting severe symptoms of MS. Heart pains, constant pretty much, groin pain, back pain, jaw pain, problems with my wrist separate to MS I think. Can't think/ concentrate for very long.

    3 n/a

    4 n/ a

    5. suspected i used to more but just can't remember these days- not sure i've actually dreamt for many years

    6. Several attempts on my life, or at least threats to....constantly pushed in front of cars/ moving traffic. driven at in the street. poisoned water supply. and when completely cut off- near starvation. they murdered my dog. Grandmother and gr8 aunt also 'killed', but can't be sure whether related to me or not. 'NHS'....

    7. the press? they really not worth it.....with their PR version of the 'news' directed by the state.

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