All compensation requested handled by law


在腦控空間經常有人提出不同的賠償方法. 在此敬請各位有意作出賠償人仕, 將賠償金交由你信任的律師辦理, 確保一切賠償在公平, 公正, 合法的情況下進行.


你們自己指定的律師, 律師費請自行支付, 我指定的律師由我支付.





All compensation requested handled by law

In the brain control space, different compensation methods are often proposed. In this case, If someone willing to make compensation, Please through your trusted lawyer to ensure that all compensation procedures are conducted in a fair, just and according to laws

You point out your own lawyer, that will responsible the legal fees in your own, and I will paid my legal fee by my own.

Thanks for your cooperation!


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