All of your smart technology including your smart phone can be externally wirelessly controlled.  Under both the internet of things protocol as well as  the internet of bodies protocol  your every move would be assessed and managed by preprogrammed algorithms which would be wirelessly transmitted from a centralized control location.   Do not purchase smart technology ever.

You would not be allowed to have a long warm shower in a future of new world order dictatorial tyrannical control.   Your presence would be detected  as being close to the smart shower from digital technology inside the smart shower and digital technology inside your brain and body.  Preprogrammed algorithms would be in place to run the shower for a short time while maintaining the temperature of the water at a cool temperature under the guise of sustainable development.

The distance from your brain to your smart phone would be calculated from digital technology inside the smart phone and digital technology inside your brain.   If your smart phone was calculated to be close to your brain then preprogrammed algorithms would transmit information into your brain in order to technologically mind control you to be obedient and docile at all times.    If the program managers wished to cause political unrest in order to enable themselves to then inforce more stringent laws they could cause you to be aggressive in public.   Both of these scenarios are already occurring.   Carefully dispose of your smart phone by removing its sim card and battery and then by wrapping it up in tin foil.   Use a landline home phone in future, preferably an old model without a digital screen.

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