You would be wirelessly connected to the internet of bodies under the power of the self-appointed memberst the World Economic Forum. All of your actions and bodily functions would be uploaded to their super computer on a continual basis by wireless means from materials inside your brain and body and this system would be run by pre-programmed algorithms. You would be allowed to eat only the type and amount of food that they decided you were entitled to eat. You would be allowed to use only the amount of water for showering that the preporgrammed algorithms would allow you to use. Preprogrammed algorightms would even decide the temperature of your shower water under the guise of sustainable development. You would be considered immoral if you were overweight and your food allowance would be reduced. You would be considered immoral if you had any luxury items because they are now consudred unsustainable. Pre-programmed algorithms would decide where you live. Preprogrammed algorights would decide if you are allowed to live or die.
Every bite of food you eat would be assessed by preporgrammed algorithms to see if you deserved to eat it. Your clothing would have bio-sensors which would detect the level of cleanliness of them. If they did not pass at all times you would be removed from society. Your brain and body may already contain much of the artificial material necessary to connect you to the internet of bodies. One of the only ways to protect yourself from the internet of bodies abject enslavement system is to help most of the rest of the human race take down the wirelessly enabling infrastructure which enables this internet of bodies system of enslavement. Some of the technology which enables the internet of bodies to work is based in the skies over our heads such as drones but they rely on ground based infrastructure to run them. Therefore all we need to do to free ourselves from this enslavement, torture and genocide system is to destroy the ground based infrastructure. We need to do it in a hurry because as soon as this system is installed preporgrammed algorithms would be used to paralyse you if you attempted to take down any and all infrastructure then. You can also be sent pain signals if you disobeyed the preporgrammed algorithms.
There is a problem in the sense that technological mind control is now being used to mind control many leaders in society to unquestioningly push the agenda of the would be slave masters. They wrongly push the need to vaccinate because they dont realise that the vaccinations themselves may contain the materials needed to help connect the recepients of the vaccinations to the internet of bodies. They dont realise that the covid-19 is a hoaxed pandemic which has been hoaxed using false science and that anybody who is already unknowingly connected to the wireless internet of bodies can be wirelessly eliminated from a long distance away by unknown operatives and they also dont realise that deaths from other means have been wrongly attributed to covid-19 in order to artificially create numbers of so called covid-19 casualties.
I believe that when we have all wireless internet of bodies systems removed from the face of the earth that those who are heavily technologically mind controlled now will be able to think clearly again. Their minds are being controlled in a similar way to programming a computer. It is heart breaking to listen to them on our national airwaves.
I am already connected to this internet of bodies and it is a known torture system in my case. I am speaking the truth. You are in grave danger of being enslaved. You must attend to this message now by taking some action.

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