I am being subjected to partial physical remote control due to the fact that technology has been injected into my body which is wirelessly linked to a computerized control system. All of this has happened against my will and without my permission. I sometimes place online copies of some of the messages which I receive from those anonymous cowards who use this computerized control system to partially take away my free will both from a physical and emotional perspective. Here below are some of those broadcasted messages which I hear coming from inside my own head as follows:-
"We have accessed all areas of Gretta Fahey's brain and body by wireless remote means and we can't find anything wrong with her in any area.
(I ordered heating oil and I was then given the following message) "In the future if you are living alone you wont get anything."
A voice to skull broadcaster accused me of something and because I attempted to defend myself verbally to him I had weakened my position. If I had not attempted to defend myself I would have remained in a strong position so the voice broadcaster then told me the following "Look what I get out of saying these things. I get a system which says I am in charge. ( Because of the fact that I had tried to defend myself verbally it gave him the message that he was in charge of the situation.)
On another occasion a voice to skull broadcaster was heard by me to say the following "Speed up the system so that we can get total control of this individual so that we can wirelessly torture her to death."
"She will go and see a psychiatrist." I replied as follows "NO. I will not go." The voice broadcaster was then heard by me to say the following "You will toe the line in this country." "She will get a soma bag." I replied as follows. "NO."
They often imply that they would bribe me if I was ameniable to it but I have informed them that I am uncorruptable and I would never accept bribes. I would prefer to see them go to prison that accept bribes presumable to stay quite about what they are doing to me by means of directed energy weapon testing and by means of neurological weapon testing. I even informed them that I would reject all bribes at the point of a gun. I don't know who they are because they always communicate with me from a distance by broadcasting messages into my head from an unknown remote locations.
"We have no plans to release you from wireless enslavement yet."
One voice to skull broadcaster was heard by me coming from inside my head to say the following to another voice to skull broadcaster who was not co-operating with the control system the following in a threatening manner:- "You can count on my presence in your life in the future." That particular sentence was heard by me coming from inside my head at approximately five minutes past 9 pm Irish time on 11th March, 2022.
"We can't use her corpse if she is electrocuted. However, we can use her corpse for bio-robotization if she dies by almost any other means."
Who are all the anonymous cowards who broadcast messages into my head from unknown remote location while remaining anonymous cowards. They have been broadcasting messages into my head since April, 2003 without a break. My name is Gretta Fahey and I am also known as Margaret Mary Fahey and my postal address and current location is Newbrook, Claremorris, Co. Mayo, Eircode F12 Y560, Republic of Ireland. Further to that my landline home phone number is 094 9360901. Todays date is 14th March, 2022 and the time is now approximately 11.54 am.

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  • Hi Gretta/Margaret,

    I'm experiencing the same they're remotely controlling me as well. I've tried using solid steel war helmets coated in Tungsten Carbide to act as a Faraday shield, to no avail. I've realized they're using military weapons, they've spoke with me and introduced themselves as CIA/NSA amongst other departments of the U.S. DOD. I'm a Canadian by the way, however, the Americans like to experiment on Canadians (https://www.theguardian.com/world/2018/may/03/montreal-brainwashing...) as well as other countries nationals (https://www.bbc.com/news/world-10996838). Anyways, just know I appreciate your efforts, they're using satellites by the way, which is why it tracks us where ever we go.They threaten to remove my brain and connect me to the Cybernetic Internet-of-things, apparently some of them are already in such a state themselves.
    My attackers use a very similar attack pattern, makes one think it's A.I., I also hold high morals.
    Just know they need to remember all the good things in their life and why they like us want to be treated with respect, regardless if it's given by others or not. Sometimes they forget that: respect begets respect.

    Best regards,

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