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    Those who are already a part of any of the group above, AND are continually being victimized by people who know that funding's available for the former.  


    The abusers do this so they can build up on the drama of the victims' plight and continually ask for donations which DO NOT go to the targeted individuals but to the foundation's members' pockets!

  • These kind of victims:

    The soldiers who were inoculated when they fought for the Americans.

    The families of the inoculated soldiers  who were exposed to and damaged by the so-called "swine flu" virus (now turning out to be a cover-up for RFID implants that the US used to monitor and track those who are - GASP! - fighting for their country (wow! the kind of thanks the soldiers received!)

    Covert warfare victims who are not even military officials but have unfortunately fallen prey to sickos! read: ABUSIVE military/NAMRU/WHO units who are privy to the purpose of these covert weapons used by the US , and  wish to monitor, terrorize and stalk them in the guise of them being  threats. 

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