I strongly believe that the billionnaire and trillionnaire bankers as well as corporate controllers are the real enslavers of the human race and they are doing everything in their power to misdirect our anger away from them and towards non-existent extra terresterials as well as non-existent sentient artificial intelligence as well as non-existent supernatural entities and any other way they can invent to misdirect our anger away from them and towards something else equally non-existent. Our own senses and scientific methods of proof inform us that the earth is fixed and flat. We are being lied to on an unimaginable scale. . Furthermore, artificial intelligence is simply thousands of pre-programmed algorithms which are also pre-programmed to co-ordinate with each other and they have initially been programmed by individuals with an evil mind set whose principles are possibly based on the tenets of Satanism to the extent that artificial intelligence is not a trustworthy source of information. The truth of the matter is we are being wirelessly enslaved by programmable injectable electrodes which are placed inside our bodies without our awareness or consent so that we can be remotely tortured or remotely murdered if we fail to obey remotely transmitted voice commands..
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