Brain-Computer Interface experts always know what is Remote Nerve Monitoring technology, even these experts use EEG and Internet to transform brain wave to another one  thousands Km away and make his finger to act according the first person's instruction of brain wave. RNM technology is different from BCI technology, but all BCI experts know RNM well.    Any victim never go to hospital to see a doctor who does not know  Neuroinformatics

Artificial intelligence, Remote sensing  nerve signals technology. Doctors are fools in front of victims of RNM.

   fMRI can analysis Mental activity accurately and confirm who is a victim of RNM , which Germany Researcher told me, but it cost tens thousand USD , we all can not affordable.  The most easy way is buying a MULTI-FIED EMF METER which can measure magnetic field, electric field and RF strength only costing about one hundred USD,  Purchase that  on net if you need .

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