Washington DC, The London Financial District, and the Vatican City are all states within states who work as one unit from behind the scenes. They are bound by no known laws and they own and control all of the legal power on earth.

These three usurping powers working from behind the scenes as one unit have created many hoaxes over hundreds of years including the existence of space based weapons and satellites, demonic possession, the existence of extra-terresterials and many others too numerous to mention.

The bloodline families of these interlopers have planned to enslave the human race over many centuries. These bloodline families have produced most of the popes, most of the United States Presidents and all of the European Royal families over the past many hundred of years. They manipulate us from behind the scenes via duplicity, wars and trojan horse technology.



The following information regarding how the state is being used to enslave the human race can be found at the following youtube link https://www.youtube.com/watch…

Step 1. Re Define the Nature of a Contract with Private International Law.
Step 2. War of Independence.
Step 3. Create Bankruptcy Scenario.
Step 4. BAR member Infiltration.
Step 5. "Disappear" Article Thirteen in Amendment.
Step 6. Infiltrate Roman Cult BAR Members and Seize Control.
Step 7. Roman Cult BAR Members Convert Citizenship into the Opposite of what was intended.
Step 8. Roman Cult BAR Members Circulate Fake Money under Roman Law.
Step 9. Roman Cult BAR Members Create Unconstitutional Municipal Corporations.
Step 10. Roman Cult BAR Members Put Municipal Corporations into Bankruptcy.
Step 11. Through Bankruptcy Process Roman Cult Imposes Martial Law Rule.
Step 12. Roman Cult Seizes the Corporation Masquerading as a Government.
Step 13. Roman Cult Merges the Bankrupt Corporations.
Step 14. Convert all Court Cases into Commerical Transactions.
Step 15. Roman Cult Seizes Control of all Court Cases and Commerical Transactions.
Step 16. Roman Cult makes all US citizens into enemies of the state.
Step 17. Roman Cult BAAL Priests Deny Justice.

According to this enclosed youtube video link the satanic vatican created the slave trade, they orchestrated the war of independence, they orchestrated the Federal Reserve, they orchestrated world war one and world war two, and now they are in the process of attempting to orchestrate world war three.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8S1jz-peZ2A&t=325s&list=PLtfDJdWNxgpkpWAFFLJYR99mCeLPAw6tg&index=2


What many people throughout the world dont yet know is far scarier. Some human beings throughout all countries in the world have had their bodies imbedded with various technologies. They are now wirelessly tethered by both their brains and spinel cords to supercomputers. Their thoughts go out on a wireless live medium to many unknown individuals. Their thoughts are being read in real time. The motor cortex of their brains are being slowly mapped and something is slowly taking over control of the movement of their muscles. They are slowly being bio-robotized.

Governments and their staff are holding smart engineered technology close to their brains by the use of their smart phones. They appear to resist all requests to outlaw directed energy weapons. They appear to be mind controlled.

The police are required to send all targeted individuals to see a psychiatrist. If a targeted individual voluntary gives any information whatsoever pertaining to their targeting to the police they are then seen to have handed over all of their legal power to the police, which means that they might be detained for psychiatric evaluation against their wills.

Psychiatrists accuse anybody who claims to be targeted by directed energy weapons as insane. They proffer poisonous substances to the targeted individuals, sometimes even neuro toxins. They also apper to be mind controlled.

The Vatican are not to be trusted. Wireless enslavement of the human race is part of their agenda. Time is short. Please look for a solution to mass mind control and the abuse of directed energy weapons.

Combined with the above efforts to enslave us, trainee medical doctors and trainee psychiatrists are being deliberately given false information at medical school. The pharmaceutical industry has also been infiltrated and poisonous substances are being deliberately added to both pharmaceutical medicines and vaccinations. All systems in the world are being rigged against us by the Roman Cult.

It is a major tactic of criminal oligarchy psychological warfare to encourage us to expend our energy in futile unnecessary work, while they conserve their strength. We are kept so busy we have no time to figure out what traps are being set for us by the self-proclaimed elite. If all of the really intelligent and capable people in society are constantly working, they will have no time or energy to stage a counter insurgency against the would-be enslavers. While we are exhausted and confused, they are secretly attacking us with energy and purpose.

"Twenty years ago, Paul and Percival Goodman estimated that just five percent of the work then being done would satisfy our minimal needs for food, clothing, and shelter. Most work serves the unproductive purposes of commerce or social control."
From "The Abolition of Work" by Bob Black.

The profound basis of the current work force as it stands today is to demoralise and distract the human race while their fellow humans, a group which I call the self-proclaimed elite, slowly and incrementally attempt to take over humanity by wireless means.

At least two thirds of all work which was deliberately created for the human race to carry out on this planet is both pointless and evil work. It was deliberately created to keep us distracted while the dark occultists were busy with their own agenda of attempted wireless enslavement of all of the other members of the human race.

The following quotation supports my understanding that there is nothing moral about tedious work done for no apparent reason other than utilising unnecessary labour hours. For further information which supports my claim see the link below the following quotation.

"It’s immoral to ask people to work when there’s no work that needs to be done. It’s immoral to create unnecessary labor so people have "something to do".


Most of humanity has been enslaved by the use of maratime admiralty law. We must free ourselves by refusing to recognise the powers of church and state. We aught to organise organise ourselves under a system of common law.

Neuro slaves must obey all instructions from unknown slave masters who speak to the neuro slave by placing their voices inside the head of the wirelessly tethered neuro slave by means of either brain to brain interface or a number of other military communication methodologies.
Neuro enslavement may be achievable in whole populations at one time by means of allowing an artificial intelligence program to partially brain map the motor cortex of all of the population of that country.
Some senior politicians may already be neuro slaves.
We must urgently demolish all microwave transmittors.
We must stop all millimeter wave transmitters from being erected anywhere in the world urgently.

Mobile phone towers are the linchpin that holds the wireless human enslavement protocol in place for the following reasons:- Under sea fiber optic cables transmit 99% of all international data. There are now over 300 undersea fiber optic cables stretching 550,000 miles. Each cable is less than three inches thick and houses several optical fibres. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4dAESYkflOU

There are no satellites. The existence of satellites was created by disinformation agents. The existence of satellites is a hoax. Firstly, there is no material that can resist the heat of the thermosphere which is 2000 degrees celsius. Secondly, air and space can not co-exist side by side. This feat has never been achieved in a laboratory setting. It is biologically impossible for space to even exist other than air. This would indiciate that satellites and space travel have all been hoaxed in order to steal tax dollars and in order to make a cabal of would-be enslavers appear to have more power than they have. If we have mobile phone towers dismantled the human race would have our freedom returned to us immediately.


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