Computers are being used to analyse complex patterns of activity in the brains of any member of the general public which have become embedded with wirelessly connected nano technology. Those computers translate those complex patterns of activity into the emotions that the subject is feeling, the thoughts that the subject is thinking and the images that the subject is imagining.
Many people are already linked to Brain EEG Pattern Data Analysis computerized technology remotely by means of nano technology inside our brains and bodies which have been injected into us without our awareness or consent.
This morning I was listening to the news on a radio station known as Mid West Radio. During the news announcement the public were informed that a jewellery theft had taken place in Castlebar, Co. Mayo yesterday which was 4th January, 2022. While hearing that radio news I automatically generated in my own imagination a scene inside a jewellery store and a robbery taken place. That data being generated by my brain was automatically translated into images and viewed by the remote neural monitoring staff as a possible clue to a jewellery theft that had taken place. A voice was then projected into my brain which was heard by me to say the following:- "Cordon off the home" This voice was projected into my head because the EEG pattern remote analysis capability appears unable to differenciate between the imagination of the subject based on what the subject was hearing on the radio and real occurrences. Is this still the case?
Further to that incident and because I am continually wirelessly connected to a brain EEG pattern data analysis system, voices, images, sensations and other experiences are being constantly projected into my brain and body throughout each and every day. I here below give you an example of other voice projections which have been projected into my brain recently as follows:-
"You may tell her from me that someonw will come to her house one night and kick down her door."
"There is a smell off you. Rant about that why dont you."
"Curtail her budget."
"Who owns this lady."
"It will be forbidden in the future to unplug the landline phone at night or indeed any time."
"It is hazing" "It is alot worse than hazing. It is psychological torture." "Find another job if that is the way you are going to describe it."
"Are you vaccinated."
In my opinion, most if not all senior politicians, the police, the military, the medical profession and the judiciary have nano technology imbedded in their brains and bodies at this time. Neural stimulation of their brains is occurring in mass by wireless remote means in order to make them gullable and trusting when information from the United Nations, the World Economic Forum and the World Health Organisation is being transmitted to them. Those who run the United Nations, the World Economic Forum and World Health Organisation are Satanists who practice human sacrifice of children. They remove the adrenal glands of children directly after those children have been tortured and before they are murdered in order to exctact adrenachrome from them because adrenachrome sustains the youthful appearance of the Satanists who drink it. Can we stop wireless remote neural stimulation of our brains from unknown remote locations by unknown assailants by having all microwave transmitters and receivers and all other transmitters and receivers throughout the world disassembled and banned within days as it is an urgent matter. Please discuss this matter on the main stream media today and everyday until it is solved.
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