Can you change your name or get a tattoo?

Maybe you changed your name or got a tattoo and suddenly you find that all hell broke lose in your life?

Well, psychiatrists had rules, at least in the past that only they are allowed to do that and get away with it. But what if you tried and got burned? Maybe you wanted to be a star? Maybe you realized you were gay and gone in realization? And suddenly all hell broke lose? (btw I'm not gay, I like women and they know it ;) You pushed the envelope?

You think that all people are equal under the god, you know what you heard from media? Well, some people are destined to rule and control and you are NOT one of them! 

Maybe having some of these symptoms:
- Maybe you have constant humming in left ear/head, sometimes pitch sounds (buzzing) in the left or right side?
- Maybe when you sleep on your right side, with your right side of the head against the pillow you sometimes hear something like clock ticking?
- Maybe you think that one is being watched constantly, maybe looked for hidden cameras in the apartment where you live?
- Maybe you notice that people outside of your house are imitating your private moves and habits you do only in your privacy?
- Maybe you notice strange looks from the people around you, or comments?
​- Maybe sometimes headache?
- Maybe unexplained sexual arousal in inappropriate situations? Or lack of it when there should be?
- Maybe you sometimes have strange dreams or images pop up when eyes closed?
- Maybe occasional sirens or strange voices on the left side of the head/ear?
- Maybe sometimes you hear clicks like a morse code on the left side of your head/ear?
​- Maybe sometimes you find yourself constantly talking to yourself from the inside of your head?
- Maybe you sometimes sleep to much and sometimes can't sleep at all or stay up all night?
- Maybe you sometimes feel something on the left side of your chest, and you think it might be the heart?
​- Maybe you sometimes feel or felt stiffness in your neck?
- Maybe you sometimes had ticks on your head or restlessness in your hands or legs and it went away suddenly like it came?
- Maybe sometimes you feel numbness in your fingers, arms or legs?

- Maybe you sometimes felt something like somebody is poking you in the eye with something sharp?

- Maybe you sometimes noticed changes in your voice tonality?

- Maybe you sometimes have bad skin and sometimes is fine, noticed changes and having circulation problems?

- Maybe you sometimes felt dizzy when standing up and it went away suddenly like it came? Sometimes you might even lost consciousness?

​- Maybe yo were forced to psychiatric care and forced to take drugs like risperidone or spent some time in a mental hospital?
​- Maybe you told the police or doctors what is happening to you and you just got a schizophrenia diagnose and maybe some mental hospital time?

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