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This is my first post on this site and I wasnt sure it was sincere at

first, based on my own experiences.I have been a victim as well as my children for several years now. Our lives are being systematically destroyed. I have had ALL of the types of violations as a human would imagine that Ive read repeatedly in other stories,however my history goes back to 1963 or there abouts.This technology has been around for so long and to the same extent as is used today.I am on soc and sick all the time but if you saw me you wouldnt see how horrible it is.Nobody mentions what they do to our newborn babies either or the pregnant mothers. Noone is exempt from this horror and it is to the death as I am told 24 hrs a day from these "excuses of people" I dont care who you are or what  you stand for or what you did or didnt do.It means nothing. They target whomever they want for no reason but murder. This is genocide I have had some of the most elaborate types of "street theater" that would have required great thought and effort. I have seen that they have access to ANYTHING or anyone in the most complicated ways just to repress you, destroy your character, financialy flatten you and make sure you cannot work again.The stalking and breakins and circus acts are just the beginning. Its the brain entrainment that isolates you steals your identity until you really are alone and its what they bank on. Then they begin to make your body break down, There is so much that these bastards have done to me.I just want to live and feel happiness and help my children. The really sad part is that the technology could be used in amazing ways beyond our belief. There could be no more human suffering LITERALLY and medical science would get there heads out of the military and our defense system if only they would use what they extracted from our environment, our atmosphere hell its life they extracted and manipulated for death. I cant for the life of me understand the evil its diabolical so much so i think of the bible, and the end.In my misery I have learned to love on a level I only dreamed of & I cant experience it now.This country has robbed my soul and there are so many people help them   Cinders

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