Coiloidal Gold

Credit to TI's in Sweden & the Netherlands

A teaspoon a day 20-30 ppm (parts per million)

Of all the supplements I have tried this is number 1

Remember your dreams be on the Gold Satellites partial beams micro waves mind reading  ALL BULLSHIT

It is ultrasonic s the audiospotlight the spike soundlaser LRAD

and a dozen others all ultrasonic.  try youtube search frequency 14500

see if it sounds familiar

If they could read your damm mind why the stalking mobbing and

we are your friends. Because they want to see if the ultrasonic s   

directed at your house and you are working. Subliminal hypnosis

post hypnotic amnesia will cripple your thinking block your memory's..

Why follow if they read your mind and know where your going and what

your going to do. All Bullshist.

A hole across the way has a sky lite that comes and goes with bad weather

that is one trippy sky lite dude. A two panel  audiospotlight 4 grand worth

Brainwashing updated  good luck to us bad luck to them.


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