The "Collision Conference" is being held in Toronto from the 20th - 23rd, bringing in about 35,000 people & companies from the tech industry.

When asked a question (which was unclear so this is choppy - something about theory, political will, resources to be able to customize & address social issues in that way when we look at the individual rather than the collective overall) Toronto's mayor responded with this fact which he thought probably represented other cities at the conference. "250 people account for 15,000 visits to hospital emergencies & these people are the most marginalized, experiencing traumas, substance abuse, question is, do we have the courage to change the system & offer individualized solutions for those 250 people that is more effective for them & more cost effective for the overall system because the single most expensive way to access the system is through the emergency room & we know who those 250 people are & the best way to deal with these individuals is to offer supportive housing so they have a place to live with supports & they'll be cared for in a much less cookie-cutter way ...".

Since targeted individuals offer solutions, are exploited & tortured for what they represent, wouldn't it be more cost effective & humane to offer TIs support & less cookie-cutter approaches? How many dollars in savings does illegal surveillance provide to the system? How much are 250 TIs worth? How much of the pension portfolios acquired by law enforcement & academia has been illegal? The system's failed  TIs & the system has failed these 250 people. How long has city council & the health department known about us or the 250 individuals? We are everywhaere.

Toronto is Canada's largest city & the 6th largest in North America - following Mexico City, New York, Los Angeles, Chicago & Washington-Baltimore.

We have a false peace. A false peace is a negative peace.

As algorithms collide, direct energy weapons crash into our private spheres & smash into our basic rights. What are we to compute? It's just business.

My dopamine deserves rewards. My neurotransmission is speeding.

Happy hormones reunite. Mining my dopamine. A proletarian gene.

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