DESTROY ‘voice to skull’ / v2k

This is link is to an Electronic Harassment Jammer on YouTube which in my experience kind of working. 

If you are suffering from that damn V2K bullsh*t, try it! LINK BELOW!

Other tips: 

-report it and any other crimes against you to the local police (go with someone) and the intelligent agarncies in your country ... if you do nothing, nothing will happen and we can't let these cheap criminals to keep continue this on our expenses, we need to restore the Rule of Law

-speak out LOUD, hear your own voice 

-listen to positive, uplifting things EVERY DAY 

-write positive affirmations about yourself EVERY DAY so these sick idiots with their loser programme can't override the good things about you in your head (if you don't know what affirmations are, google it) 

-DO NOT BE AFRAID of loser V2K , tell them off! (if they are mapping your brain, tell them what you think about them!) 

-do as much research about V2K/Voice to Skull/Frey Effect as you can, so it burns into your head that this is nothing more than a computer algorithm that some sick fallen criminal operates from the distamce because they are the lowest of the lowest of society 

-listen to music 

-share your experience everywhere you can so you help others and change things , if you don't want to share your name, just create a YouTube account with a fake name and put your experience in commemts on various videos with large view numbers, even videos that have nothing to do with the subject and maybe include links with scientific rvidences and testemonies so other people see that this exist and we can raise awaresness 

-and remember , you are NOT alone !!! we are in this TOGETHER 


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