The Rothschild and Vatican run New World Order Cabal wish us to take booster vaccinations containing nano technology every six months because we can get all of the nano technology out of our bodies in less than six months using a wide variety of oxygen therapies to oxidize all of the heavy metals in our bodies and to destroy all of the pathogens in our bodies so that they can then no longer transmit signals into us to control our minds and bodies.
We can prove that nano technology is inside our bodies by downloading a blue tooth detection app onto a smart phone called 'Blue Radar' which will detect blue tooth signals coming out of the bodies of those who have been vaccinated with so-called covid-19 vaccines and antiflu and other vaccines. Those people who have various digital signals coming out of their brains and bodies have already been connected wirelessly and invisibly to the brain internet where some of their thoughts and opinions are under external wireless control. That is why they are unquestioningly obedient to orders which come from the United Nations run central control system in the world in spite of the fact that the United Nations is owned and controlled by dark occultists such as Luciferians, Satanists and Ultra Zionists.
When anybody officially complains about the fact that the lockdown of the whole world is based on a faulty PCR test which can easily be manipulated to generate false positives those who officially receive such complaints are wirelessly programmed to only focus on the messenger and never on the message. They immediately ask who sent them the complaint and they attempt to analyse their behaviour and they also attempt to imply that they are mentally unwell rather than ever focus on the message which they appear unable to do due to external mind programming. What is to be done about all of the above?
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