Disability denied, no job, packing up and leaving

Well, my disability request was denied.  And since I'm living with "family" that are trying to kill me with gas lighting, I can't stay here much longer.   The electronic torture is amping up, and I'd rather starve on the street than stay with people like the ones I'm living with.  I know if I stay much longer and am exposed to the constant microwaving, I will end up in either a mental hospital, or dead - which is what my family wants.  You see, they believe all the bullshit propaganda they were shown or told before the targeting started.  There's no way in hell that I will stay here with these people.  That's what I think and feel about my family now.  They want me dead, and have gaslighted me with those very words on numerous occasions.

I have a theory that if you are a target, you have no money, no job, nothing.  If you have any wealth at all and you say you're a target you are lying.

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