Do you have an online diary?

I intend to show parts of the TI's stories, including mine, to other people and to the press in order to show the parallels and the beyond similar patterns between all stories, mostly explaining what the voices say and what the targeted individuals go through and how we see our lives helplessly destroyed while keeping a semblant of sanity.

So, do you have a website with your story you wish to share?

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  • Great job, thank you Sue.

  • Hi Sue. This is an observation i haven't seen, most harrassment starting after 2000 seems to coincide with the period of 9/11/patriot act and the NSA allowed to do whatever it pleases without questioning. I wonder if this is just a coincidence..very interesting point nevertheless.

    A survey is a great idea though, didn't John Finch already make some and if yes, are they available?

    I will post one shortly as i have very specific questions exactlylike the ones you just wrote in order to establish very clear patterns - The voice of many saying the same thing sounds like one and has better chances to be heard and believed.

    Thank you for your tips.

  • Thank you Martti, and yes - i read a lot of it already and took the parts that are similar to all TI stories. I also had the intention of writing my diary for the same reasons because,like you, i also believe that most of their colleagues are utterly missinformed about what they are doing - surely less now since the targeted individual stories are getting more and more public attention - but having the aim to inform people inside the NSA could lead to something good, or at least better. There are people who have a conscious and maybe will realize they do not want to be part of this history. Or maybe not.

    However, building hope in any way necessary is certainly worth it. Thank you for your comment.

  • I have my onlinetorture diary, that I have done from spring 2002.  I do it a kind of blocks, about once a month, or each  other months.  I have opinion , that it makes perps torture less severe. Not because they are afraid of law enforcement, but they are afraid of their colleagues who understand  what they are doing. I also believe that this kind of online diary has meaning on history. 

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