. We, the human race, need to take some action against the plan to wirelessly connect most of the population to a central internet of bodies control system from implants inside their brains and bodies. I am wirelessly connected to the internet of bodies control system by a two way stream of low frequency electromagnetic energy without my consent and because of this situation data is taken from my brain and body and is transmitted to a central location . Further to that, data is also being received into my brain and body which enables unknown others to speak to me and to hurt me in various ways. The audio messages which I hear coming from inside my head are encoded into the microwave carrier wave via frequency modulation.
The slave masters are using preporgrammed algorithms as well as central nervous system controlled slaves to help enslave others physically via wireless access to their central nervous systems under the capabilities described in scientific patent number US6965816. 5G provides the bandwidth necessary for them to achieve this. The slave masters also use many types of technologically induced mind control against others, such as transcranial magnetic stimulation, silent sound spread spectrum, brain entrainmnet, bio-digital programming and others. They mind control others to resist this type of information and to remain passive, trusting and obedient to them.
If you wish to know more about how a world control structure was secretly created over the past three centuries without the knowledge of the masses of humanity please read a book called ‘Tragedy and Hope’ by Carroll Quigley.
If you wish to know more about the internet of bodies please read a free to download e-book which has been published by American think tank Rand,org. but which I believe is quite misleading because it primarily focuses on collecting data from the brain and body while only making two brief comments about transmitting data into the brain and body. Those two comments are to be found on page eight and page thirteen.
There is a possible solution. Please read the information provided in a website called antitinnitusv2k,com where you will find details of a cd and specialized headphones which will help to jam signals being sent into your brain and body against your will and without your permission. The owner of that aforementioned website is a sound engineer called Dave Case and he has been interviewed on the Ramola D Reports youtube channel. We should also have the infrastructure which allows wireless enslavement disassembled and banned.

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