Experiments with human sacrifice !


MIND TECH established to counter the ethical anarchy existing nanotechnologies invasion of the human brain (brain – computer integration), and hush-hush thinking around experiments with human sacrifice:

This is intrusive, unethical, therefore, must we seek for a debate and political intervention: to engage in mind control. Scientists find continuously new, increasingly sophisticated methods to remotely execute imaging methodology for communicating with the brain. Computer technology will lead to artificial copies of our human brain. Of course there is also a good side: The data could affect mental illness and much more.

Therefore, throughout this borderland, and gray, lawless zones reflected and put under public control.

Human neural network is melting more and more together with digital technology.

No one knows what these new technologies will result. 
Why there is in Sweden ethical debates and laws on the subject? 
Well, for research in Sweden, europe is currently alone possesses the knowledge of distance communication with the brain.

An ethical debate and subsequent laws would lead to a moratorium on further research.Currently, research is allowed unimpeded run.

In cooperation with the media seem to MIND TECH for an open debate on the subject.

Magnus Olsson

Jungfrudansen 80, 5tr


Tel  :   0709 26 30 04      


Read more: http://brainmaping.com/wordpress/

and  http://www.mindcontrol.se/

and  http://www.cyberbrain.se/

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