Found this.... Revenge Sites are springing up....

Virtual Justice
Virtual Justice VJ Revenge Company Revenge Services Hired this company to electronically harass and stalk an individual for $575.00!! All they did is
9th of Jan, 2011 by User280170
I hired this company to electronically harass, stalk, ruin the reputation of and make the person in question get committed for insanity for revenge. They offer revenge services for people who wish to get revenge on others for a price. The only thing Virtual Justice did was fly a couple ofairplanes aorund this guys residence day and night for a year, and spread a few rumors about him. Yeah that's really gonna make someone insane isn't it? They told me to be patient, and that his life was being torn apart as we speak. But I can't see that this guys life has been torn apart at all!! In fact they mentioned that he's trying to find a girlfriend! Well he doesn't deserve a girlfriend after embarrasing me in front of several people at the convention. I could have lost my club because of him!! This company isn't worth spending $575.00 on! They suck! If you wanna ruin someones reputation and get them committed for insanity it's better to do it yourself! They say they have men and women employed all over the U.S. who make their living off of ruining peoples lives for revenge. But so far they've only used 10 people to produce results on that s.o.b. for embarrasing me! This is the WORST revenge service I've ever paid for! I don't even know if the electronic harassment has worked on this guy yet! They say it is, and that he hasbeen screaming at night because of the pain! SCAM!! LIARS!! Don't waste your time if your trying to get revenge on somebody. Do it yourself!
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  • I stumbled over this info while searching the Freedom informant network 

    I followed the link on to the site but was not sure what to make of it.  It could be someone trying to draw attention to what is really going on.  There is more than just that one on the site.  When I started looking in to some of the revenge sites I found they where willing to do more to victims than just pull a few pranks.  Sometimes its good to just post links and see what clues we can gain from them......

  • This sounds like its manufactured.  Are they just playing with our sensibilities?  Shame on them, whoever put this together.  It's a real crime, and not a joke.

  • whoever this no shit shirlock is, of course it doesnt make any sense at all! if she/he knows these kinds of agencies.. it is simply a bullshit.. it doesnt make sense at all.. I am in Afghanistan and I am a victim of gangs stalking and mind controll.. the planes fly all the time around and I don't think it is flying for me, I have panic attacks on my head and different parts of my dreams are manipulated, hear different voices, sleep deprivation.. bombarded and stalked all the time.. isolated, turned into some kind of slave.. and a number of other stuff that i am not aware of, including turning my friends and family against me. I don't think it is don for 500 dollars
  • Airplane fuel is expensive. The guys house was probably near a flight pattern, so the 'harasser' could say it was him. The cost of flying planes around for a year would be so huge.... the $575.00 didnt get the guy anything but ripped off, and deservedly so.

    It is interesting that the idea of selling harassment has become more mainstream.

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