From a TI

Mind hacking is the highest crime the humanity will see. They are stealing the most precious thing any human have. Small evil will generate big evil. If everyone kept silent, it will get worst. Fight evil to minimize it. Be the light in darkness you don’t know who is near you.

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  • Douglas: Yes I agree with you
  • I agree, but as some members already pointed out; we must be careful about how this information is released, as so far the attackers are also making many of us appear non-lucid; in fact, this is the very nature of the attack we must disprove, to those who live in a society which are likewise, being manipulated by the very same people who attack us.

    I strongly believe the very nature of these attacks make it almost impossible to gain widely accepted public support, but helping and supporting one each other as a "family of covert torture" we can achieve.
  • Douglas: By spreading the case, more people will know more about it . They will start believing the huge amount of victims. By then We can ask for rights and protection laws. Everyone continue the story of someone ended.
  • Thank you Just Believe for the reply and insight. I agree, I'm just hoping someone knows the rights of individuals institutionalized so that we can help stop them being further tortured and tormented by this corrupt global system that's attacking all of us. I still strongly believe a sanctuary that can stop/reduce these attacks is our current best option to help us function within a normal capacity.
    Anyone interested in building a protective sanctuary please contact me.
    Warm regards,
  • Douglas: I think at this time the only supporter and believer will be the another TI. We are the only ones can stand for each other. Through websites and social media they can contact each one with his experience and what he has learnt.
  • Any ideas on how to help those who've been forcefully institutionalized (Not me personally but other TI's...)?; they want to fight back against this "evil" but lack the social backing.
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