They at once delete this post! 



They are hacking all kinds of emails I am using.


PM on behalf of Canada : " Everyone has right to be secure across country."


International Bar Association received and read my email with attached files.



The media, the whistle blower : " more than 200 police officers are living around and surrounding  one human rights lawyer."



All my neighbours , at least 2 Philippine couples, 

they don't work at all for 5 , 10 ,or 15 years. But, they are so rich. 



Canadian government, Canadian Intelligence Services, Canadian police "can not "stop my neighbours, at least 2 Philippine couples, who are now again wearing invisibility cloaks to enter ( without opening any doors) and hide  in my house  to do everything possible, evil and brutal. Something in my house "told" me.  ( invisibility cloaks) 


Around 10 years ago, floor vibration lights "told" me they wore invisibility cloaks to poison me and forcibly inject me. Up till now, they have not told what they injected into my body to me and to us.


They are still bridging my home internet (by computer expert) to do everything you can't imagine. I provided the information about my neighbors' strange behaviors to Prime Minister of Canada and Canadian Government. 


My neighbors at once hided their cars. Can you see their cars?  











UN Human Rights 

UN Human Rights Council 

Amnesty International 

International Bar Association 

International Criminal Court

International Court of Justice 

Canadian Government

UN Special Rapporteur on Torture, Nils Melzer


CC :



Contact : 


Temporary  email :



International Bar Association,  UN Human Rights, 

International Court of Justice,

"", "" ,

you all  received and read my email to you all.


Please work together with me  to launch  international (legal  ) proceedings against "them".

You all have known how they are hacking UN Geneva, International Bar Association, International Criminal Court and everything I am using if we don't take actions.


How they are hacking UN Human Rights'


How they can at once disable this App I am using



I again attach two files with this email although " you " already have them.



Canada refuse to...


2 who is hack UN Geneva




Fight  for my life being  threatened ; fight against ongoing (psychological ) torture, terror, poison, death threats and attempted murder by every possible means and with all possible Non-Lethal Weapons. I am not alone and I need your help.







Robin Yan


Canadian victim of torture





Please transfer to International Bar Association, UN Human Rights Office , UN Human Rights Council by fax  and, thanks.




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