Global Unity harmony Foundation

1. About Us

Global Unity Harmony Foundation come together to end abuse and corruption globally. We have projects being set up in different parts of the world to assist those traumatized to become more socially and economically active ‘Please refer to draft baseline of together for future dreams’. (This can be shown when asked for).

Some of these projects are for art & crafts, music etc, as these forms of therapy can heal the soul and also bring communities together to enhance community spirit

Thereafter we will be setting up e-trading facilities with all the countries involved, to sell their products, produced from psychological therapies. Any article sold 90% of revenue will be returned to the producers.

An Annual award certificate will be given out to each individual recognising their involvement in the campaign.”To end abuse and corruption globally to assist people to full fill their dreams”.

We have been set up to highlight the extent of abuse and corruption within global society, and to try to bring about, by peaceful means, an end to it. We are a non political organization open to all religions, faiths, gender and nationalities.

Therefore celebrating the difference within our diverse cultures within society today. We will not stand for any form of discrepancy or mishap or form of the abuse of anyone’s human rights of any form. And will always inform people of their right to be treated fairly.

Through the medium of music and art, we are going to highlight the damage that abuse brings upon the human race. And celebrate the right to have freedom of choice to be able to have free thinking of what form of therapy they chose to recover.

By doing concert on the internet and television, we will hopefully encourage people to donate to our cause of putting an end to the abuse globally. So that people have true freedom to make choices for their own life and live out their dreams for a better life, no matter who they may be.

The quality of people’s life has declined over the last few decades and we have to make sure that within equalities that people are treated fairly and given a chance to life out their dreams.

Then we will set up projects that will benefit people who suffer from trauma due to abuse. By providing psychological therapies in art & craft, music etc; some projects are already running who provide therapies of this sort, but due too the global economic downturn they are threatened extinction.

So we have to work together to sustain projects that are already there and add to them. From this we will then provide a means to sell the products produced from the therapies through our website to our contacts globally, so that the projects are self sufficient.

Once this happens we will encourage the participants to then set up their own social enterprises to trade with other social enterprises that are set up with the other countries on board.

We will encourage private organizations to provide management time to the social enterprises so that they become self sufficient therefore we will be getting the people on board to set up projects for the people by the people.

If companies provide micro finance to set up the projects they are providing the social needs within the community, also if they give 10% of their profit to the social needs within the community to sustain the needs they in turn can claim tax benefits.

So let us all work in collaboration to sustain the needs within our global society and stop putting our heads in the sand and thinking someone else will take up the slack. If we do not do anything we will be leaving the global mess for our grandchildren to clean up. So let us take control and be adults and sort the problem out. Let us leave a better place for our children and grandchildren to live in.

 2 Values       The scope of Global Unity Harmony Foundation is based on universally shared values. We firmly believe that adhering to common universal values can bring harmony and peace in the world. We try our utmost to align our actions with our values to an extreme degree possible. The values we adhere to are:

Respect 2.1   Respect is the basic factor that paves way for every meaningful and fruitful interaction. Without respect honourable and just solution is not possible. We hold this value dear and express it in our dealings.

Truth 2.2   Truth is a fundamentally behind all other values and we incorporate it in our initiatives by taking all facts related to a matter in consideration.

Justice 2.3 We firmly believe that it is impossible to create harmony and bring peace without adherence and promotion of justice. This is our cherished value. 

Gratitude 2.4   Attitude of gratitude create positive and elating atmosphere conducive for smooth functioning of operations and attainment of objectives. 

Integrity  2.5   Basing all our actions on our values is the real test for our genuine achievements which we persistently try to follow.  

Humility 2.6    Arrogance is detestable and breeds contempt and lead to other negative feelings like jealousy, anger among others. We practice humility that creates affinity.

Tolerance  2.7     Every one is unique and has different set of experiences which form one’s personality. It is essential to tolerate these differences as long as they do not clash with the fundamental values for creative harmony and success.

Empathy 2.8    Without understanding other’s perspective a durable and a healthy collaboration is impossible. And collaborations are necessary part of any organizational activity and without them nothing much can be achieved. Therefore, empathy is highlighted and improved through experience and cultural, religious, political understanding.

Love 2.9      There is no possibility of any unity or harmony without love. For obvious reasons love is the crux in our social, professional and personal lives.

Compassion 2.10    Everyone suffers in world and through compassion we can make our lives better. Helping attitude is a single most important value for solving problems and harmonious living in the world.

Dignity 2.11      No one can genuinely respect other if a person does not respect oneself. We value and foster self accountability and dignity.

Honour  2.12   A fulfilling life is impossible without upholding honour. It’s the honour that can ensure excellence which is an ultimate goal to be pursued.

Rationalized compromise 2.13 Life is far from perfect. It demands a very delicate, through and rational approach for pragmatic solutions. Compromise is basically a weakness if adopted without studying pro and cons and consequentially not a positive desirable value. On the other hand, rigidity creates impasse and lead to conflicts. As life is complex and intertwined with so many events and desires that to make progress and resolve conflicts we need to make rationalized compromises, not at the cost of fundamental values, however.

Moderation – Balance 2.14    It’s a proven fact that moderation is the best approach. We try to maintain to balance in all our activities.

Decency 2.15 Proper attitude is a must for sustainable solutions. Politeness, kindness and good manners bring joys and fulfilment and harmony. We aim to practice decency and we observe high degree of decency.

Excellence 2.16 We strive for excellence in everything that we do, but as human’s we can make mistakes and hopefully they will be rectified, with speedy recourse to put things straight. But we will not be able to have excellence at all times in some people’s eyes. But we will strive to conduct all that we do with excellence and with humility.

Patience 2.17 Most of our actions are impulsive either based on instincts or learned behavior as a result of repeated actions. Then, there comes unusual events that demands actions which can have far reaching effects. Patience is a virtue which is required in all these instances to moderate the excesses and get the optimal.

Un-ambiguity 2.18 Ambiguity creates confusion that in turn creates doubts which can lead to mistrust and conflicts. This can be avoided by making communication explicit and transparent.

Knowledge 2.19 We live in a very complex and dynamic world. We are intelligent species that can better their situation through application of knowledge. Knowledge encompasses in all activities for this is through it we create identify problems and find solutions. We believe in acquisition and propagation of knowledge.

Wisdom 2.20 Change is a constant and applying knowledge to adjust with change demands sagacity. Wisdom can help to foresee the probable consequences and applying knowledge with foresight we can better adjust to change for betterment.

Giftedness 2.21 We believe that different people are specially endowed with God-gifted talents that over time and experience are refined. Further, everyone is gifted with some talents and some natural advantage and by focusing on them they can perform better and also have feeling of self fulfilment. There are also some who are extraordinarily bestowed with high analytical skills and are better qualified for particular tasks. We value that giftedness.

Sharing and Caring 2.22 In a team effort nothing is more important than spirit of sharing and caring for we are interdependent and this ensures best results and happiness.

Internationalism 2.23 Nationalism is a bigoted idea which has divided the humanity and has made the deviation for universal values inevitable. We are all citizens of the world and factually in every part of the countries as well as world, good and evil coexist. Because of nationalism evil make use of the good to create discord between others. Evil done by a Pakistani or by an Indian or by a British or by an American or by an Israeli or by an Iranian or a Saudi is an evil. The forces of good have to unite against evil and with nationalism this is not possible. Our aim is to create global harmony among people and this is only possible by adopting universal values.

Optimism 2.24 Optimism is a value that sustains one in necessary downturns of life. The fabric of life is so fragile and prone to disturbances that without optimism nothing worthy can be achieved. It is the quality of seeing opportunity in every situation and through this we get out of the rut towards balance and progress.

Gratitude 2.25 Gratefulness is a virtue that creates facilitative environment and brings positivity and improved efficiency in life. It is uplifting and brings peace in mind that makes the social peace possible.

Freedom & Responsibility 2.26 We fully believe in freedom but enjoined with responsibility. Freedom without responsibility is chaotic and harmony can not be possible with unbridled freedom. Hence, responsibility is an essential corollary of freedom.

Involvement 2.27 Every culture has its own peculiarities that call for specialized knowledge and we work with the enlightened professional from local areas and with involving them we make possible to get the objectives achieved.


3.1 Global Unity Harmony Foundation’s mission is to support initiatives that can effectuate greater understanding, betterment and harmony in the world.


4.1   Global Unity Harmony foundation’s vision is to bring enlightened people and organizations with shared values in the world on one platform and through this synergy create better human understanding and to involve in activities that can promote justice, prosperity and peace among the people of the world.


5.1   The Charities objectives are to promote any charitable purpose for the public benefit by the advancement of education, the protection and preservation of health and the relief of poverty, sickness and distress in particular, but without limitation, for the benefit of those traumatised by abuse or corruption within our global society.

5.2  In these Articles “charitable” does not include any purpose that is not charitable in accordance with statutory provision regarding the meaning of the word “charitable purposes” in force in any part of the Globe.


6.1   To promote psychological therapies in art & craft, music, talking therapies etc, for those traumatised by abuse.

6.1.1 To provide a way to enable the traumatised, who undertake the therapies to be able to sell their arts and crafts, (if they so wish).

6.2   To assist those traumatised by abuse to become more socially and economically active, by assisting people set up social enterprises.

6.3 To promote working in consortiums with other organisations to provide all that is required for the traumatised people who have suffered abuse to a full recovery.

6.4 To promote and highlight the extent of abuse globally.

6.5 To set up sub groups of the organisation to provide specific projects Like Woman’s Global Justice Group, to provide specific services for woman and children.

6.6 To hold events, like concerts and family fun days for funding purposes.

6.7 To assist people to locate funding like micro finance to start up small businesses to provide funding to assist the start up of projects.



Do you want to be involved in making changes or are you collaborating in the destruction of man kind. Attached is a video about the children who are the next leaders, what are we  do to protect them to grow to their full potential?

What are we doing about stopping governments drugging them?

Also attached is a video about how the molecular structure of water changes with music, so our body is 70% water, so is this not solid proof that music can change out molecular structure and vibrations. So please stop these controller, controlling you by music. Control the controllers by awakening and helping your self and those around you to heal and heal the earth, to sustain the next generation.

Come and join us with innovative ideas to start up co-operatives and social enterprises to sustain the social needs of your community. Save our gifted children and give them a safe place to expand and grow to their full potential.

You can find Global Unity Harmony Foundation at this is our new website…the old one is now blocked.

May all who read this be enlightened and pass this on to all of whom they come into contact with to be blessed with inner peace and be awakened to all that is happening around them. And be given the gift of site to protect the children with the knowledge to bring forth the unification and harmony of mankind. Let us from here on in celebrate difference, as from difference we will find the tools to heal and bring forth difference to make the changes that are required to sustain this world to a better place for all

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