The common good a such a vague term that it has no meaning. Government violence is used to force the individual is comply with the plans of the government.
"Politicians invoke the common good in order to hide that they have no justification for imposing their values on others." Quote by Barry Brownstein.
When science wins we lose because neuro science is now being used to wirelessly enslave us. They have injected most if not all individuals with nano technology to the extent that we are now generating digital signals from our bodies and brains and these digital signals can be detected with meters. This has allowed the central planners to wirelessly connect us to computerized control systems which capture data from our brains and bodies and transmit data to our brains and bodies to the extent that many people are no longer able to think independently. Their thoughts, emotions, beliefs and behaviour is being partially controlled by incoming digital signals which come by means of transmitters and receivers around us. We can degrade, if not entirely destroy the nano technology inside us by ingesting various oxidizing agents such as ozonated water, chlorine dioxide, black oxygen, hydrogen peroxide, dimethylsulfoxide aka D.M.S.O. and other formulas. It would possible take several months to degrade or destroy the nano technology inside a person's body by which time politicians would then require that person to accept another booster vaccination which would replace the nano technology inside his or her body again.
Those who administer government violence are the police and the military. They have become far more mind controlled than the general population so that they are willing to enforce violence against their own fellow country men and women for no good reason other than to comply with the plans of the new world order cabal who are known Satanists, Luciferians and Ultra Zionists.
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