Help stop the harrassment

Ive been having this trouble with the voiced and headaches for almost 3 years. I finally learned how its being done and exactly whos doing it. Need help proving it and stopping it. Please give me any advice

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  • Hi, I'm Stephen. I don't really get voices (only when falling asleep and waking up). And headaches, well they will attack that area with pain but only for a few seconds at a time. Sorry for your troubles. So who is doing it then? I am out here in Ireland and the harassers here are GARDAI (IRISH POLICE). But in my opinion the attacks or technology side of it are probably coming from America as I have been on airplanes at 30,000 feet in the air and I was harassed and attacked with their weapons there just as I had been on the ground in Ireland. So its not like the further I got from the ground or Ireland the harassment/attacks were getting weaker, the harassment with technology was just as strong when I was in the airplane (in the sky) and in the completely different country. So yeah in my opinion the attacks I am dealing with are not coming from Ireland. So with that said who do you think is doing it and why? And how do we go about proving it and stopping it? Well in my opinion there are between 100,000 to 1,000,000 victims of targeting in the World and not one of them victims have ever been in a position of proving anything. It really is the perfect crime, the more the victim talks about it the crazier they look and sound. Not a single person I have talked to regarding my targeting believe that I was being targeted by anyone, they all said it was all in my head. That includes friends, family, doctors and lawyers. Still though try to think positive as anything could happen. The victims of targeting in the former East Germany were freed when the USSR went bankrupt and their currency lost its purchasing power. Well the thing is the US dollar isn't in great shape they doubled the amount of currency last year alone, so 40% of all the Dollars ever printed from day one was printed last year. That is VERY unhealthy. So who knows if America as we know it collapses then you might just be freed forever. One thing that I think we can agree on is if targeting stopped in America then it would probably stop everywhere. Just this one targets opinion.
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