Please send to UN Human Rights Office,UN Security Council, UN Peacekeeping , UN Secretary General, UN's highest court...thanks. Please download as soon as possible. Due to the reason you know, you will receive my request by different ways. After uploading "UN's top secret document " to you all, you can realize and imagine what " Canada, all my neighbours..." are madly doing.I have decided to to launch international (legal  ) proceedings against them "Canada..." since 2020.Why?Recently, by firewall, actually, by everything possible, "Canada..." have intercepted my emails from others regarding" class action lawsuit" for their ongoing terror, psychological torture, MK Ultra... in Ontario, Canada because no one in our world can stop them, they believe.Here is from US ambassador to UN:,, see how and what "Canada..." have done to you all and to me, Canadian victims of torture, from my recent email, message and documents to you all sent by special tools., of the above must have the following evidence I sent to you about their war crimes and crimes against humanity confirmed by ICC several years ago. From UN, Canada keep doing and Canadian government of the above about what I uploaded. 06/12/2022
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