Here is the other brother David.

I have posted a photo of the other brother David!

Please keep on the look out for these men they are clever they can put on a perfect act in front

of others to make as look as though they are decent people

They are dangerious do not be fooled by their charming act of which they project themselfs in front of others!

Espesially stephanual the brother in the suit and sunglasses he created a microwave weapon

he tortured me with heavy synthetic voices and electromagnetically attacked my leg muesels with a microwave weapon

my musels tightened soo much nearly cut off my circulation and i nearly died i had to escape from my mum's

house in june 2019!9464580481?profile=RESIZE_400x



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  • Hi Mark,

    The people who attack us use voice synthesizers and augmented reality. They can see images in your mind and make them into mental "characters"of people we once knew, it's not real.

    I hope your staying strong, you want to chat sometime, please contact me.

    Best regards,

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