here is the class action lawsuit

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          IN THE  United States District Court for the Middle District of Florida  

Stephen Ahmann,  Guy Potter, Elisabeth Jane Buchananet.  al.            }
                Vs.                                                                          }                                                                                                                                     CASE________________
The United States                                                            }
Comes now plaintiffs to bring action against the defendant
for the following reasons including but not limited to:
1)                                                 page 2 of 15
We, the plaintiffs, have been and/or are
currently tortured by the defendant.
Our 8th amendment right to be free
from cruel  punishment has been violated by the defendant. 

2.5)  Our 8th amendment right to be free from Unusual punishment has been violated by the defendant.
Even if the court refuses to acknowledge that
the following does not clearly show we are victims of torture or refuses to
define torture as a crime within the United States we are still victims of
ongoing felony assaults a violation of US Code Chapter 7 of numerous accounts.
Some plaintiffs are outside US; however, the
1991 Torture Victim Protection Act (U.S. Code
(Title 28, Part IV, Chapter 85, and Section 1350)) allows for torture
victims to bring action in the United States District Court.
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For most of us, beginning on or about 2001 we,
the plaintiffs, became the victims of Cointelpro-style tactics and/or other
government operations and these activities have continued up to the
present.  This includes tactics like
organized psychological and physical operations.  Not all of us became victims in 2001.  For example, we have a whole new generation
of victims who are experiencing this now that started recently.  Though our suffering is the same, they are at
a different ‘stage’ of these operations.
Because of this fact, it is apparent that these crimes will continue
unchecked until something is done.
However the majority of us will state that these operations against us
became extremely obvious beginning in 2001 and have continued, in most cases,
unabated to the present.
We are victims of Cointelpro-style tactics
and/or other government psychological and physical operations.  We all experience the same crimes.  We live in different states and have moved to
many different states all with the same result.
The criminal activities cross state/national lines.  Federal government agencies and employees
participate; therefore, this falls under federal jurisdiction.
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Our right to petition the government for
grievances has been violated as in that keeping records of the crimes against
us that have occurred for a decade or more is obstructed. Our homes are
frequently broken into and journals, logs, and other evidence is stolen.
Because of the defendant(s) actions it is
extremely difficult to function in society making it extremely difficult to
gather and keep evidence, keep employment or business, or maintain a place to
live.  This violates our right to
petition the government for grievances and basic rights to life and liberty.
Because the defendant’s criminal actions affects
the mind and body so badly it makes it very difficult to bring lawful action.  Our situation is an emergency situation.  Our life, health, and well-being are always in
jeopardy.  It is difficult to sleep,
think, work, and generally function and live.

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Therefore, all papers are filed under extreme duress.  This is an emergency situation and we demand
immediate relief.  These activities are
killing us.
Our right to the pursuit of life, liberty and
the pursuit of happiness has been violated as we are nearly perpetually stalked,
harassed, intimidated, interrogated, humiliated, and threatened by the
defendants employing an unknown communication device set at distorted volume
over an extended period of time with the intent of causing physical pain and
suffering, distraction, confusion, and exhaustion.     The
combined effect of these perpetual assaults amount to torture.  Even while sleeping.  That date of occurrence would be on or about 2001
to the present for most of us.  
The defendants falsely accuse of breaking laws as
the reasoning behind this abuse and, even if were true, would fall under our
protection against cruel and unusual punishment.
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The defendants, employing this high tech
communication device interrogate us about private and embarrassing things like
our sexual behavior and past.  They demand
to know all kinds of private details.
This is done to sexually humiliate.
They also use it for blackmail.
Uniformed police officers, FBI and all other
government agencies that we have been in contact with participate in the
Cointelpro-style activity and other physical and psychological operations...     We have moved many times to different parts of
the country and since this follows across state lines it, obviously, is
federal, but also employs local government personnel or their agents.  The tactics such as but not limited to: saying
things about personal lives in public that only someone spying on us would
know, gas lighting,   interfering with
attempts to talk with others/form relationships, interfering with normal
activities such as working, sleeping, shopping, etc, street theatre, threats, intimidation,
aggravated stalking, provoking, psychological anchoring,  negative NLP (neural linguistics
programming), and conspiracy.   Many of us also report seeing an usually high
                                            page 7 of 15
amount of military and/or law enforcement aircraft as well that ‘ buzz’ them or
do other things to upset.  
Our right to petition the government for
grievances has been violated.  As we try
to obtain the services of assistance of counsel yet all attempts made to secure
counsel are blocked by cointelpro-style tactic and/or other operations.
All forms of communication are tampered/interfered
with.  Including mail, email, phone
calls.  This has greatly interfered with
our right to petition the government for grievances.  As well as financial losses.
Our right to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness
has been violated by the defendants using an unknown communication device to
employ a hypnotist  and/or some other
                                            page 8 of 15
kind of weapon(s ) to influence us.  We
are then made to see, believe, and forget all kinds of things over the
years.  Some of the things we have been
hypnotized/manipulated to experience include but are not limited to:  feel paranoia; believe our thoughts were being
read; to fall asleep/trance while at work, grocery shopping, or in public.  We have also felt excruciating chest pains,
pain in other areas, painful dizzy spells, and a feeling of suffocation or
throat closing.  All of this was upon
command from the defendants letting us know it was them that had the power to
give us chest pains; dizzy spells, etc. while they laughed at our situation.  For many of us, these assaults and others
like them occur multiple times per hour.
freedom of religion has been violated as the defendants used the unknown
communication device to hurt us whenever we tried to practice our
religion.  We have been threatened about
our religion, politics, and a host of other beliefs and informed by the
defendants that we had to do what they wanted or they would increase their
criminal activities.  We, the plaintiffs
come from a wide variety of religious and political areas and it would appear
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this could be another psychological operation, but we suffer from it all the
Our freedom of speech has been violated by
parties unknown to us as we are punished for saying or doing certain things by
the defendant’s increased criminal actives and their threats to do so.  This includes threats of prosecution…most
recently 6-3-2011 for preparing this suit.
Some of us have been threatened for attempting to pursue legal remedy. We
have been informed through an unknown communication device at about 11:00 pm
that if we don’t drop this suit that the defendants would have people testify
against us for made-up crimes. This is vindictive prosecution and is illegal.   Threats like this have been made to us countless
times over the years.
We are threatened often, making us fearful and
unable to pursue life liberty or happiness.
Some of the threats we have received include but are not limited to:
threats to kill us, poisoning us, arresting us and holding in jail forever,
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stealing our possessions, gang-beating us up with baseball bats, shooting us,
raping us, putting cameras in our home and putting compromising pictures of us
on the internet, conspiring to defraud us by broadcasting this abuse and
profiting from it, paying members opposite sex we encounter not to sleep with
us, prosecute us civilly and/or criminally, paying people to harass us, running
us out of the country, conspiring to continue to stalk, harass and threaten us
and never stop.
Most of us have had numerous cars and other vehicles
swerve, obviously pointed right at us, in attempt to intimidate us.  Many of us have been beat up and hospitalized
many times.   Some have had entire gangs
jump us and been hospitalized.   Since
this was quite rare or never happened prior to this start date on or about 2001,
these events coincide with the start of all the other operations and are
perpetrated by the defendant.
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The defendants conduct a campaign of lies
against us.  Almost all of us are victims
of slander,  defamation of character, and
libel; another aspect of Cointelpro-style tactics, and/or government
psychological and physical operations, to isolate us to make sure no one knows
or helps us. This campaign of lies is very effective from the perception the
public has to the integrity of the defendant. 
Also, many people think they are being instructed by an authority
figure.  They obstruct our lives including but not limited to:  employment, residency, and relationships.
The majority of us are victims of sexual abuse
by the defendant a violation of 18 U.S.C. § 2241.
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We are victims of the crime of provoking and
conspiracy to provoke.   This is perpetrated
by the defendant and started for the majority of plaintiffs on or around 2001
to the present.
Combined these operation cause sleep deprivation,
anxiety, panic, physical illness, stress, high blood pressure, and other
physical and mental issues such as nervous breakdown.  Many of us have attempted suicide just to get
the torture to stop.  Some of us have
Many of us are experiencing a campaign of  poisoning, chemicals, drugs, and other agents employed against us.

Those of us with children, pets, livestock, or elderly
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family have had to watch as the defendants inflicted the same tortures on them.
Actual damages:
time off work is 10 years time/lost wages and
income @ 100,000 per year per plaintiff is 1,000,000 USD
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30,000 per plaintiff average over 10 year period
Losses due to thefts and vandalization
Court costs
II. Pain and suffering
a.) physical pain suffered from
torture for a ten year period   is 10
billion USD per plaintiff
b.) isolation due to libel
/slander campaign for 10 years is 10 billion USD per plaintiff
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III. Punitive damages is 20.1
billion dollars per plaintiff
Total damages are 40.2 billion
dollars per plaintiff.  We, also, petition
the court for an order to cease all the aforementioned.
So Stated under penalty of perjury
on this ______________ day of ____________, 20__
                                                                        _____________________________       ____________
                                                                                _____________________________       ____________
                                                                                _____________________________      _____________
                                                                                ______________________________   ____________

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  • Hi buddy
    i m a victim from India. My mind control torture is going on from last 8 years. I sent my prepetrators to prison, but i did't file any litigation against them. Can you suggest me way to how get handsome punitive damages from them in India. No such kind of case is filed in india as before.
  • Hi Lissa, After months of trying I was only able to get about 50 signatures from about 15 different countries.  You are welcome to print it out and send it to me signed but with that few we stand no chance in aclass action.  I do advice printing out a copy though....that way you have a description of some of the legal issues we are victims of and apretty good legal argument  I have pieced together. 

  • Friend me so I can join that law suit

  • This is the old edition.  if you wish to sign please send me your email and i will send you the suit and pauperis.  I dont update it here...too busy...but i do ahve an updated version on facebook.  you can also read it of course before you sign.
  • Are you filing your suit pro se?
  • Steve, You are 100% right with thios lawsuit, I want to be aprt of this ,as it started in 1999 for me all of the time, as I type they threaten me in my head. Have you ever heard of Brandon Jones and his family from chicago,ill, who he admits he hears my thoughts when I worked at Target CMDC in Brookly Park,Mn. Well he and alot of people have been breaking in my home along when I worked at Sears, there is another man who works in security that alsohears my thoughts and so does a White man named Brandon Taylor of early 20's. I also know and have a signature from a man from Ocala Florida who has heard my thoughts and I was terminated from this, there is a most wanted man Asavior who is wanted for bank Fraud and he travels from chicago to New York to Florida to wisconsin, and those phone calls I get are a way to connect more people in this by using any way, such as Estealth or High Tech Customize Surveilance Devices on us, and some live down the street from me, and they know I know who they are. They even poisoned my food 100's of times and I have been hospitalized 9 times from this was terminated 4 times and had to quit 5 jobs from this,. Your amount is accurate and they know it and so do I,. I would you to call me soon, but don't post this to get the process started soon. Even my own brother Dale Olson knows and he to hears my thoughts and doesn't want nothing to do with me, tells me he is involved with his girlfriend Monica who has had Adminstrative assit to my computer, along with  a woman who knows alot more than me and she admitted it named Lita Otto a old friend of mine since grade school. I found how they got in my computer and the 666 people's cell phone's connected to my body, as they use a sticky clear or pink formula with their DNA on it to stick to us and then zap me whenever they want to. How sad it is , that I had everytrhing 5 years ago, even a pool in my back yard as they let up for a little bit. It hurts I don't have money (Seriouslly)$3.00 to my name and no car and depts up to $15,000 since my divorce a year ago, with no job, as they even call to try to take my job from me and pretend to be me. How sad could this be for me, they even go to Blondie's and congregate and and get drunk and they scream in my head all night long and they use dicks torecord when they are not connected to me to function  normally, they even follow me on the bus, they think sex is the connection, sorry charlie that is never going to happen. I pray some financial add come's soon, as I don't want to go on Welfare, but I starting to feel I have no choice's. My daughter is coming over tomorrow Shannon, and it is hard to hear her or do things, or even feed her, Their is also a man named Patrick Smith(white) whoforgot where he put his voice's after he signed a hand written letter and a Asian man named Jt Vongprachanh, whohas laughed at me when he put me in the hospital as he actually talked to me telepathicaly from my old neighbor who is involved, as I get asain calling me all of the time.  God Bless, Not sure if I am suppose to give you this much info on hear. Sorry if this is wrong, I am just so angry a 49 year old mom a victom like this.
  • Steve, several weeks ago, before you post this blog, I comment on your wall to ask you if you want my statement, I wanted just to help on your law suit action, even if I m in Morocco, but you dont reply to me yet.

    That's why I didnt comment your blog until now. And I would like to say you made a good job, it s sounds good, I wish you good continuation and success.

    God bless you

  • Steve, you have done a tremendous job-thanks! I am on my fourth night without any sleep, but I could still sign the sue and it felt so good!/Annie
  • to all those interested in participating:  send me your emaila nd you can sign online.  also i have a group on facebook that we discuss called CIVIL SUIT OF TARGETED INDIVIDUALS'  freind me on facebook and ask to join if you wish.   i am a little behind so if you dont hear from me right away dont be discouraged...try to contact me more than once so isee it....dont be shy...send me more than one message and tell me so and i will get you....
  • Nice job steve this is exactly what all T.I.s have to do, Those terorrist already committed their crimes the damages are done make the shit pay.  I have some similar damages to me but not everything.


    The best evidence is the T.I.s they put them on the stand 

This reply was deleted.