How a real life zombie apocalypse is possible and how to protect yourself.

Under the internet of things scientific patent number US 6965816 we can be physically controlled from a distance by our central nervous systems. This is achievable because nano technology inside our bodies which we have unknowingly inhaled and ingested is linked by unknown means to computerized systems. In this way, a number of us can now be physically remote controlled similar to robots. We can be taken over and forced to commit acts against our wills. Further to this, we can still be remote controlled after we are dead. This is simply science and technology in action and it might be deployed in the future in order to introduce fear into society because a fearful society is a maleable society. However, there is an easy solution. If you wear bluetooth enabled bone conduction headphones on a continual basis the digital signals being transmitted to you which are being used to biorobotize you without your awareness will be distorted and you will be protected from biorobotization. You must have several bone conduction headphones so you can wear one while another is charging

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