Electronic mind control is being administered on some occasions when large gatherings of people gather together such as at music festivals, at religious gatherings and at football matches. I never went to any of the above gatherings for the past few decades for reasons of poor health. In fact I dont go out socially or I dont attend church. I have not gone to a social event for at least twenty five years. I feel that I can think clearly and that I am not under electronic mind control but I feel that many others are under it.
Black budget military neuro scientists and neuro technologists and a wide variety of other scientists and technologists have spent the past many decades developing technology which is now being used by them to wirelessly tether, control, torture, enslave and genocide any man or woman which has been selected at random or otherwise for this form of wirelessly tethering, controlling, enslavement, torture or even genocide. Universities are then enabled to wash these dirty technologies in the sense that those universities go on to further develop them for a small number of years so that those universities can claim to the general public that they created all of the aforementioned technologies themselves so that no public mention is ever made of black budget clandestine military activities.
Those men and women from most countries of the world who have been wirelessly tethered to the aforementioned control, enslavement and torture system are now being controlled to varying degrees by this system which some have called the beast system. I am one.
I do not attend church or even belong to any organised religion. However, in the future if I refuse to attend church I could well be placed into a virtual lake of fire complete with the pain, the visual images of flames around me, the visual images of scary entities around me and the sounds of screaming coming from those scary entities. This is a wirelessly enabled neuro scientific and neuro technological capability which has been completed and has already been used to many individuals throughout the world. Many of them have mistakingly believed that they were experiencing a supernatural event but they were not. Virtual torture complete with visions, sounds, odours and other sensations is now easily achievable but also easily stoppable, simply by remoting all infrastructure which allows it. However, our government representatives may be still under electronic mind control, especailly if they regularly attend large gatherings such as music festivals, religious gatherings and football matches.

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