There is a war of attrition being fought against us be a number of different means, one of which is the following:-
The skies over our heads are being continually sprayed with barium, strontium and aluminium among other heavy metals and also biological ingredients and some other ingredients in what is known as the chemtrail program and it is also known as geoengineering. Then those heavy metals are ionized with electromagnetic frequency radiation. An electron is removed or added and the material in the sky becomes plasma which can be set on fire and made to fall on top of us. A plasma sky can also be used as a cinema screen to show images of frightening spectacles in order to frighten the uninformed.
The solution is to have the chemtrail spraying of the skies stopped immediately by means of using our own military forces to control our airports and to check the contents of aviation fuel and other areas of airplanes of such a cargo.

When our bodies and brains are saturated by graphene oxide from the contents of vaccines then electromagnetic radiation in our environment coming from our smart phones, our smart watches, our computers and our fit bits is absorbed into our brains and bodies. You must throw away all smart watches and fit bits. You must only use your smart phone when absolutely necessary and keep it in a faraday case for the rest of the time. Keep your credit card in a small faraday case because it can be read remotely in order to identify you when you are out in public and in order to steal money from your bank account.
Wear a piece of shungite which will help to nullify electromagnetic radiation in your environment. Bees who can not find their way back to their bee hives due to electromagnetic radiation in the atmosphere from both microwave and millimater wave transmitters can then easily find their way back when a piece of shungite is placed close to the bee hive. Shungite is very powerful. It is a stone found in Northern Russia close to Finland.
Because our bodies are now saturated by graphene oxide we can receive a signal from our smart phones which can kill us instantly without anybody knowing that is what killed us. Solution - remove all heavy metals from the human body using a large number of different solutions such as oxidizing agents such as Dimethylsulfoxide which is also known as D.M.S.O., Chlorine Dioxide, Hydrogen Peroxide, Ozonated Water, Black Oxygen or you can used other types of heavy metal detoxifying agents such as Zeolite and Bentonite Clay and many other solutions which you will find online.
The common good is such a vague term that it has no meaning. You are more important than society because society exists for the sake of you and I and all of us. Society is an abstract concept is it is not alive. You and I are alive.
"Politicians invoke the common good in order to hide that they have no justificiation for imposing their values on others" Quote by Barry Brownsteain.
Government violence is now being used to force the individual to comply with the plans of the government. Government violence is being used to force people to accept poisonous vaccines into our blood streams. Government violence is being used to force us to wear masks which hinder the oxygenation of the human body because by oxygenating the human body correctly we oxidize and therefore destroy the poisonous heavy metals in our bodies and brain.
I enclose here an online link to a very important article about brain weapon science as follows

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