Most if not all of those being inculcated into the Roman Catholic Church are infants at the time of inculcation. When Christianity was first invented by a group of Roman casears known as the Flavians many men and women refused to attend church. Those men and women were sometimes rounded up by the military wing of the Roman catholic church and then burned alive in their town square as an example to others who were also refusing to attend church. That method encouraged everyone to attend church each week where they could be further inculcated by many and varied means as follows:- The clergy were required to dress up in elaborate costumes. The inculcated were required to adopt an air of solemnity. Members of the clergy were given impressive titles. When in church, the audience were held spell bound by a display of incense and candlelight. Their brains were entrained into emotional states by organ music. The clergy were required to wear extravagant costumes. The Roman Catholic church leaders practiced suppression of knowledge in order to keep their followers inculcated into the Roman Catholic cult of Christianity. The clergy were required to perform elaborate posturing. They also generated extreme fear in their followers by informing them that they would burn in hell for all eternity if they did not follow the dictates of their organised religion. All of these and other methods combined with the power of suggestion were used to inculcate the unwary into a form of mind control programming that would last throughout their entire life. The requirement to pray regularly was also insisted upon by the Roman Catholic Clergy because prayer which is constant repetition is an essential form of mind control.

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