Get three plastic  cutting boards approximately 14 inches long and glue them together with a hot glue gun in the shape of a triangle.   They are not going to be a permanent  part of the anti-nano  triangle but simply a frame  to build the anti-nano device on.  Please use plastic instead of wooden cutting boards because they are easier to bend when you wish to remove  the anti-nano device assembly from  the cutting board frame during the process of making it.     Tony Pantalleresco did not suggest having the  triangle  14 inches long on all three sides when completed, but I am also following the advice of Aroy Mak who has a youtube channel online under that name  and who manufactures and sells anti-nano triangles himself.  
Use at least 80 ceramic magnets.  You can use neodymium magnets if you wish.   They are more powerful and much more expensive and also  much more difficult to work with.  
Wrap duct tape around the triangle sticky side up.  Stick 8 magnets on each side of the triangle in any order resulting in 24 magnets being used on the first layer.   Then cover  this first layer of 24 magnets with a layer of duct tape, sticky side up.   The more magnets you use, the stronger  the magnetic field will be when it is finished.
Put a second  layer of magnets on top of the first layer of magnets but they must be repelling the first layer of magnets.   It may be difficult to make them stay on but keep them on with duct tape.   Cover that layer of magnets with more duct tape, sticky side out.   Now, place a third layer of magnets on top of the second layer of magnets and they must be repelling the second layer of magnets.  You will be able to keep them in place by using extra duct tape.   Place a layer of duct tape over the third layer of repelling magnets, sticky side out.  
Now, begin wrapping the insulated copper speaker wire around  boththe triangle frame and the magnets  but you must leave a  piece of wire about five feet long slack at the start which you will use later.   Wrap the slack piece of wire with a rubber band and tuck it between the triangle frame and the magnets so it does not get in the way when you are wrapping the speaker wire around the triangle frame.   First you must wrap the insulated copper speaker wire around the triangle frame approximately 20 times and then you must cover that in duct tape, sticky side out.   They you wrap the insulated copper speaker wire around the triangle another 20 times followed by covering it in some duct tape, sticky side out.   Do this five times in total until you have wrapped the speaker wire at total of  one hundred times around the triangle frame in a total of five layers.  When you finally complete the last layer of speaker wire you must then apply the duct tape with the sticky side down.  
You are now finished with the plastic  triangle frame.  You must press down on the plastic  triangle frame in order to take the speaker wire, repelling magnets and duct tape structure off it.    It will be difficult to take what you have built so far off the plastic  triangle frame so you must be careful doing this.   It may look untidy at this stage when it is first taken off the triangle frame.  
You must now wrap up the anti-nano device assembly with electrical tape in such a way that the whole device is water proof.   There will be two pieces of speaker wire hanging from the anti nano triangle when you are finished covering it.   You must take off the insulation from the ends of each piece of speaker wire and attach alligator clips to each end.   You can test it before you begin wrapping it with electrical tape in order to ensure that it is working correctly.  You can then seal the anti nano device  with a sealant to doubly ensure that it is water proofed.
Use an old laptop adaptor which will dumb down 120 volts to 19 volts 5 amps.  Direct Current.   Cut the ends off it and attach alligator clips to the ends.    Attach those alligator clips to the alligator clips which are attached to the wires which come from the anti-nano triangle .   If you now place a compass in the middle of the anti-nano triangle the compass needle with dance around in different directions because of the fact that the anti-nano triangle is creating a disruptive field all around it and in the middle of it.   The repelling magnets combined with the coiled copper speaker wire disrupts the magnetic field around us which in turn scrambles the program  which has been set up inside our brains and bodies by means of the nano technology inside us and technology around us.    
According to Aroy Mak, you may place the anti-nano triangle around your neck for up to one minute occasionally in order to scramble the programming which has been set up inside your brain and body.   You may hold the anti-nano triangle close to any part of your body in order to erase and disengage the  program of the engineered nano-particles in our bodies.  
Please watch Tony Pantalleresco demonstrate how to make this anti-nano triangle at the following youtube link.  It can be made and used by a novice as it is simple to make.   Tony Pantalleresco's youtube channel is called 'HerbsPlusBeadWorks.  His bitchute channel is called 'Independz'.  
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  • I find magic doesn't help. Nor does music, this is a group of people, mine claim to be part of a Roman Luciferian cult, then time travelers, then they claimed to be from reality as this is a simulation, they even showed me evidence to prove this. Either way as PSYOPs and I'm still being tortured. Gretta Nano technology from my understanding has little to do with what's happening, by direct microwave communication does. thank you for being a great person.

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