TAKE ACTION ON Urge House Members Today to Support Single-Payer TAKE ACTION ONThe Senate Must Protect Our Drinking Water TAKE ACTION ON Sign this petition and make it clear:Americans should control electronic health records! TAKE ACTION ON Act Now For Peace in Darfur and All Sudan! TAKE ACTION ON Tell the Gang of 6: Give back your dirty insurance money. TAKE ACTION ON Tell Congress: NOW is the time for health care reform. TAKE ACTION ON Protect and Strengthen our Public Water - Support a Water Protection and Reinvestment Trust Fund! TAKE ACTION ON Urge Congress to Cut Hunger in Half TAKE ACTION ON Your name has been added to our petition asking your senators to make sure this year's climate legislation commits 5% of any revenue to helping the world's most vulnerable people make the infrastructure upgrades and other development investments needed to meet the challenges of climate change. TAKE ACTION ON Tell the Senate: Ask tough questions of General GrationThe Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing on Thursday could determine the fate of the US plan for peace in Sudan—which could ultimately determine the fate of millions. TAKE ACTION ON Pledge to fight Pentagon waste TAKE ACTION ON Food Safety Bill Quietly Scheduled for a Vote on House Floor Call Your Representative Now! TAKE ACTION ON > SRI LANKA: Police in Katugastota torture and frame a man> INDIA: The government must do more to help 163 Dalit households affected by a social boycott> INDIA: Another child died of malnutrition while fifty one children malnourished in Saledhana village, Madhya Pradesh> NEPAL: Police torture two men in front of a crowd and threaten human rights defenders in Morang> INDIA: Social boycott and mob violence waged against Dalits in Becharpura> PAKISTAN: Police officers participate in the rape and murder of a woman and no investigation is carried out> UPDATE (Sri Lanka): A police officer on trial for the murder of Gerald Perera remains in service at Gampaha Police Station> INDIA: Police in Gujarat support the beating and social exclusion of three Dalit families> INDIA: Three children died of malnutrition for past two months and four children are currently suffering from malnutrition in Dahbiya village of Madhya Pradesh where children had died of malnutrition in 2008> PHILIPPINES: Soldiers torture a man with electric shocks to his sex organ to force a confession TAKE ACTION ON Oppose Missile Defense Funding Increase TAKE ACTION ON Health care for you, or more money for millionaires TAKE ACTION ON 60 Sponsors for 60 Children Imagine the difference this will make... TAKE ACTION ON Congress should investigate whether Israel committed human rights abuses against civilians in Gaza in its December-January offensive. Human rights organizations have documented as much. Now it’s time for Congress to investigate. We do not want to send another blank check. TAKE ACTION ON Protect our Oceans, Coastal Communities and Consumers Ask Dr. Lubchenco to reject a reckless plan to allow ocean fish farming in U.S. waters. TAKE ACTION ON TAKE ACTION ON Legislative Alerts and Updates* Oppose New Taxes and Cap and TaxA $2 Trillion Tax Is The Last Thing We Need* Oppose the Sotomayer Nomination* Please say no to Cap and TaxA $2 Trillion Tax Increase the the Last Thing We Need* Tell your Senators that Enough is Enough!It's time to ease the tax burden, not crush our job creators* Say No to the Health Care BoardWashington Bureaucrats Shouldn't Make Our Health Care Decisions* Please Oppose the Solis Nomination for Labor SecretaryYet Another Obama Cabinet Nominee Has Trouble With Taxes* Oppose Leon PanettaHis Conflicts of Interest Make Him Unqualified* Tell the Senate to Reject the House's Auto-Bailout BillThose who caused this mess aren't being held accountable TAKE ACTION ON Turn back the tide against dirty energy's power grab! TAKE ACTION ON Email Clinton: Stop the tar sands TAKE ACTION ON TAKE ACTION ON Thanks for telling Trader Joe's to get serious about sustainable seafood TAKE ACTION ON Tell Congress: Vote NO on Obama/Pelosi/Reid Healthcare Reform! TAKE ACTION ON Get the Real Internet in Your Pocket TAKE ACTION ON When did our healthiest foods become dangerous? We can pass food safety reform THIS WEEKif Congress hears from enough people like you! TAKE ACTION ON Urge Your Rep to Sign Grijalva Letter for More US Pressure on Coup Regime in Honduras TAKE ACTION ON Urge your Representative to vote for amendments to the Defense Authorization Bill that de-fund missile defense TAKE ACTION ON The Common Ground on Health Care Declaration TAKE ACTION ON ASK CONGRESS: SUPPORT NEIGHBORHOOD REVITALIZATION TAKE ACTION ON Real Protection for Roadless Areas Needed Now TAKE ACTION ON Tell Congress: Vote NO on Obama/Pelosi/Reid Healthcare Reform! TAKE ACTION ON Help Pass America's Wildlife Heritage Act TAKE ACT ION ON Keep Anti-Choice Extremism Out Of Health-Care Reform TAKE ACTION ON Support the House Health Reform Bill (H.R. 3200) TAKE ACTION ONOther Advocacy Campaigns you can participate in:* Call Chase to Help End Mountaintop Removal* Take 5 minutes for clean energy in Canada* Demand that Ontario Respect Native Land Rights* Stand Up for Indigenous Rights* We Don't Want Dirty Tar Sands Oil!* Get Citi Out of Dirty Coal* Tell BMO to bank your money on a clean energy future for Canada.* Tell CIBC to bank your money on a clean energy future for Canada.* Tell Desjardins to keep banking your money on a clean energy future for Canada.* Tell RBC to bank your money on a clean energy future for Canada.* Tell Scotiabank to bank your money on a clean energy future for Canada.* Tell TD to bank your money on a clean energy future for Canada.* Tell Vancity to keep banking your money on a clean energy future for Canada.* Tell the EPA to Stop Mountaintop Removal* Tell the TVA to Take Responsibility for Toxic Coal Spills!* Join the Hershey's Week of Action on April 6-12* Take action on August 13 with our Stickering Day of Action!* Valentine's Palm Oil Stickering!* Al Gore Belongs in Jail* Stop Palm Oil Expansion into Indonesia's Peatlands* Don't Let Agribusiness Destroy the Rainforest!* Protect Rivers from Mountaintop Removal Coal Mining!* Don't Let Big Coal Save Mountaintop Removal* Don't Let Paper Companies Get a Tax Credit for Destroying the Planet!* Help President Obama see the truth about mountaintop removal* Ford, Make Us Clean Cars!* Roger Penske: We Want Action!* Tell Ford and GM to Say No to Ethanol!* Tell Penske to Help Stop Global Warming!* A Phone Call for Grassy Narrows* Ask Chase CEO Jamie Dimon to Be a Leader Against Mountaintop Removal* Tell Bank of America: Coal is Over! Fund the Future!* Tell Bank of America: Coal is Over! Fund the Future!* Tell Bank of the West: Don't finance a second Chernobyl!* Tell Citi and Bank of America: Coal is Over! Fund the Future!* Tell Wells Fargo to Stop Funding Mountaintop Removal* You Own Citibank, One of the Leading Funders of Coal.221 Pine Street, 5th Floor, San Francisco, CA 94104 USA | 415 398 4404 | 415 398 2732 fax | answers@ran.orgneue Kampagnen - campaigns of this weekWorldEnvironmentalonly US To: United NationsEnd Violence in Schools... Plan USA take actionWorld To: World LeadersSupport Women to Breastfeed... ONE Million Campaign take actionRussia To: Russian AuthoritiesCondemn Murder of Russian Human Rights Defender... Amnesty US take actionRussia To: President MedvedevInvestigate Killing of Russian Human Rights Defender... Human Rights First take actionRussia To: President MedvedevHuman Rights Activist Natalie Estemirova Abducted and Murdered... The Hub take actionDRC To: Various CompaniesEndorse the Conflict Minerals Pledge... Raise Hope for Congo take actionSudan To: President ObamaSupport Peace for all of Sudan... Refugees International take actionAsia Pacific To: Head of Social & Environmental Affairs AdidasEnsure your Workers have decent Pay And Conditions... Oxfam Australia take actionIran to: the Head of the JudiciaryRelease Detainees Held in Aftermath of Disputed Election in Iran... human rights first take actionIndonesia To: Polo Ralph Lauren & Tomy HilfigerLuxury Fashion Brands leave Indonesian Workers out in the cold... CCC take actionIran To: The Iranian AuthoritiesProtect Election Protesters... Amnesty UK take actionTibet To: The Chineses AuthoritiesRelease Dhondup Wangchen... SFFT take actionColombia To; US Dept of JusticeInvestigate Dole's links with Paramilitaries... ILRF take actionUS To: Attorney General HolderDemand Accountability for Torture, Appoint a Special Prosecutor... Codepink take actionUS To: Whole Foods & UNFIOrganic means respecting Workers Rights... OCA take actionUS To: Coke CEOTell us where Dasani comes from... Corporate Accountability International take actionUS To: Wall Street journalCorrect False Claim that Hondurans Support Coup... Just Foreign Policy take actionUS To: Governor SchwarzeneggerDon't Fast Track Methyl Iodide... UFW take actionUS To: President ObamaIs the US Funding Human Rights Abuses in Gaza... JVP take actionUS To: President ObamaTen Against Torture... Amnesty US take actionUS To: Texas Board of EducationDon't remove Cesar Chavez and Thurgood Marshall from School Books... UFW take actionUS To: President ObamaPlease welcome Refugees... IRC take actionUK only To: Your MPJust Add Water... Progressio take actionUKHelp to save Bluefin Tuna... Greenpeace UK take actionKenya To: Secretary General CITESPermanently Ban the Sale of Ivory...care2 take actionKenya To: Minister of Tourism & WildlifeSave Lions from Poisoning from Carbofuran Pesticide... care2 take actionIndia To: Prime Minister SinghSign up to deposit your Litre of Water... Greenpeace India take actionJapan To: President ObamaHelp end Whale & Dolphin Killings in Japan... NRDC take actionAmazon To: Reebok, Adidas, Timberland & ClarksProtect the Amazon and the climate... Greenpeace UK take actionAmazon To: NikeThank Nike for protecting the Amazon and the Climate... Greenpeace take actionUS To: Secretary VilsackStop the National Animal ID System... Food & water Watch take actionUS To: President ObamaDon't put GMO Boosters in charge of Food Safety... OCA take actionUS To: Interior Secretary SalazarProtect America's Treasured Wildlands... NRDC take actionUS To: The EPAReduce Pollution from the Nations Cement Plants... NRDC take actionUS To: Interior Secretary SalazarPut Wolves back on the Endangered Species List... NRDC take actionUS only To: Attorney General HolderStart Torture investigation with Cheney and Addington... CREDOaction take actionUS only To: Your SenatorsNo more Unfair Military Commissions... Human Rights First take actionUS only To: The FCCPut a People Powered Internet First... freepress take actionUS only To: Leading RepublicansRenounce Rush, Stand with Sonia... credoaction take actionUS To: Attorney General HolderAppoint a Special Prosecutor to Investigate Torture... Voters for Peace take actionUS only To: CongressRepeal "Don't ask, Don't tell"... take actionUS only To: members of CongressSupport Democracy in Honduras... LAWG take actionUS only To: Your CongresspersonUrge the House not to cut Sam's Funding... No School for Sam take actionUS only To: Your SenatorSign to Stop the F22...True Majority take actionUS only To: Your RepresentativeStand up for Human Rights and Democracy in Honduras... SOA Watch take actionUS only To: Interior Secretary SalazarOrder an Immediate Investigation into the "Atlantis" Oil & Gas Platform... Food & Water Watch take actionUS only To: Interior Secretary SalazarProtect Lands adjacent to Katmai, Lake Clark from Industrial Mining... NPCA take actionUS only To: Your SenatorsMaintain Protection against Global Warming Pollution... FOE take actionUS only To: Interior Secretary SalazarProtect Alaska's National Parks from Industrial Mining... take actionUS only To: Secretary VilsackDon't Log Tongass National Forest... CREDOaction take actionUS only To: Your SenatorsUrge your Senators to pass a Strong Climate and Energy Bill Now...NRDC take actionUS only To: Your SenatorsClean Energy Now... 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