Experimenting has been ongoing ever since 1935 to find a way to embed hypnotic commands in the minds of the general public through the medium of our televisions. These experiments have been funded by unknown individuals who wish to ultimately enslave humanity by any and all means available to them. Imagine a world where the most senior politicians and corporate leaders have been hypnotised to reject the truth and to unquestioningly obey the dictates of those who own and control the Federal Reserve Bank and most of the central banks throughout the world, who are known to be Illuminati Satanists.
I have recently read a book called 'Mental Liberation in the age of thought control' by Kerth Barker who himself was once owned by a Satanist and who by that means has inside information on the activities of Satanists. He explains in that book that trauma generates a negative electric charge in our bodies and brains which distorts our perceptions of reality and by the use of biofeedback machines we can easily analyse the amount of negative electric charge we associate with each word we hear. We can also discharge all of the negative electric charge in our brains and bodies by journaling and by many other means so that our minds become fully integrated again.
I myself believe that having a hierarchical based mind set is the root of all evil. When we have a hierarchical based mind set we become unquestioningly trusting in false information which we receive from the top of the worldwide hierarchy. I believe that our senior politicians have become unquestioningly trusting in false information which they receive from the top of the worldwide hierarchy who are known Satanists and who have their headquarters in Medina, Saudi Arabia according to the aforementioned Kerth Barker who has a website called www.kerthbarker.com. Hierarchies always lead to enslavement eventually. They are the creation of Satanists. When one is inside a hierarchy one is not allowed to use one's own conscience, and refusal to use one's own conscience while instead opting for unquestioning obedience to hypnotised politicians is the road to enslavement.

I don't own a television set and I have not owned one for many years.  They scare me because of their potential to mislead and hypnotise the viewers.

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