These people that mind control me have falsely accused me of molesting my ex-boyfriend Charles nephew named Jacob M. These people know that me and my teenage kids used to babsit Jacob the nephew of Charles along time ago when he was little because my ex-boyfriend Charles told them this. Not only have they accused me of that while mind controlling me but they have falsely accused me abusing my own children. Not only that a lady named Michal that used to live upstairs from me at Steelwood Ln apt # 2 Reno,Nv falsey acused me of sleeping with her ex-husband Mark while she was mind controlling me and sending very loud soundwave voices to my ears. Not only that Michal had threatened to shoot me in the head with her gun after she told me that I slept with Mark her ex-husband two years ago which I had never did. I was scared when Michal threatened to shoot me with a gun and I hid underneath my bed I felt alot of pain in different parts of my body. I believe that she and others are mindcontrolling me through a microchip that my ex-boyfriend Charles had put in my ears or skull without my permission when he had drugged me and put me out five years ago when I used to live with him on 1917 C street in Sparks, Nevada. I believe that Michal C got my neighbors nextstore to me in involved in apt 3 at 1504 Steelwood Ln Reno,Nv after my ex-boyfriend either paid Michal C through drugs or money to kill me by causing me health problems through electronic weapons while mindcontrolling through a microchip to make me look like the crazy person while she and others kill me through the electronic weapons and through soundwave weapons that they send soundwave voices through my ears with. Not only do they that they have found a way to force the voice to come out of me, they can make my voice soundlike anyone they want when they force the voice to come out of my mouth. Not only that these people along with many others involved have sexaully assaulted me they have a controlled my vagina muscles and give me orgasms when they want too by controlling my vagina muscles through a microchip in my body that connects to their computors and cell phones through a sixteen digit microchip codes that goes to the gps microchips in my body. Not only do they have control of those muscles they have control of all the muscles in my body through these microchips in my body. There have been time where my bladder was full and these people would control my bladder muscles to the point of when I wanted to go pee I couldn't go pee. These people have burn't the top of my head with the electronic weapons that they have been using which has caused my hair to fall out by the handfull. They also tampered with my sense of smell two years ago when I smelled a dead body even though there was no dead person in my home. They given me the pain of crucifiction two years ago through these microchips in my body that connected to their computors and cell phones through a sixteen digit microchip code while they laughed about it through the soundwave voices that they sent through my ears. The african lady nextstore to me at 1504 Steelwood Ln apt 3 Reno,Nv 89512 has sent very loud abulance sounds to my ears through soundwaves that has almost caused me to lose my hearing and has caused me ear infections in the past. I believe that these people have used cybernetics on my chest because for months I felt a rope like pain in the center of my chest. These people have made me feel the pain of heart surgery with not blood on the outside of my body. These people have caused me to feel a sensation of contacts being removed from my eyes which has made my eyes more sensitive to the light outside. They have caused several skips in my heartbeat through the electronic weapons and microchips in my body I know this because I have had prior angiograms of my heart that came back normal before these people caused these skips in my heartbeat. These people that target me had raised my blood pressure and heartbeat up so high one day that the doctor at carson tahoe hospital had to give me medication to bring it down. Not to long ago when these people was mindcontrolling me through these microchips in my body that connect to their cell phone or computor from my body and also through soundwaves voices that they sent through my ears, they was calling me Michal while mindcontrolling me and said that Michal admits to using electronic weapons on your brother Christopher to kill him. Well this makes me wonder if Michal really used electronic weapons on my brother Christopher Hamby to kill him before he died because when I was visting my brother at the Renown hospital before he died the hospital nurse could not get my brothers high heartbeat to come down through the medications that the nurse gave him through the IV the nurse was going to jump start my brothers heartbeat when it came back into rythym later. Anyways I wish I could do something about this but I can't I have filed police reports here in Reno and Sparks,Nv and they are not doing anything to help me. I can't even get a doctor to help me have these microchips surgically removed because they will not verify that there is microchips in my skull or ears through cochlear ear implants even though it is obvious that there are black objects on the left side of my brain in the fluid area of my brain on my mri photos of my brain and skull from Renown medical Center and my sons wife a ex-ray tech who was off duty looked at the same mri photos from Renown hospital here in Reno,Nv and has told me that she seen a foreign object in my skull on the leftside on my mri photos of my skull and brain. And I have extra evidence verifying that these are microchips in my body because I have bought a radio frequency bug detector that detects radio signals from microchips and it has detected a radio signal from a microchip when I put it near the leftside of my head and I have it on video while I was outside my apt by the trees. This means that the doctors,mri and ex-ray depts lied to me when they told me that my mri and ex-rays photos was normal and that there was no microchips or foreign objects in my brain or skull.

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  • I just saw some of the rf scanning videos.
    How come noone tried to involve higher authority or tv for investigation, its serious crime and their duty to check on and investigate. Military, national security and higher authorities in police have equipment and knowledge to scan and trace any signal, they can even do nano implant scans to full body if they want to. Why noone get serious and request help? Its terorism.
  • Its not the neighbours or others in your suroundings, dont get in conflict they have no idea about any of it, pretend nice to them at least. It could be remote cognitive influence, intentional influence to change mood, perception and thoughts, to become chaos and conflict.
    Its very important to put big efort to return to normal everyday routines no mater how hard it is. One of the major things you need to remember not to self isolate yourself and socialize with people as much of the time you can. Only people can shield you, keep busy working and comunicating. Ignore every word or thought that makes you feel provoked.
    Talk with doctor about every physical issues it causes you to make sure does not develop healt problems.
    Hope you get better.

    Many people have asked why they do this to me,
    Because by throwing those things at you they think you would not dare to say out loud what they do to you, they expect to hide them and suffer so people wont think you are crazy. On the other side, if you say all this, people will still think insanity has striked you.
    The reality is, they /it, doesnt know much more than that, they have created digital psycho maniac, probably match for its creators.
    The idea of this sick perverted software creation is to develop a software that among many other capabilities will be able to frame or create pedofils and cases intentionally, to discredit or destroy. In same time, in near or distant future, portions of this system will be sold to the public as development to hunt pedofiles, which is apsolutely not the case, never been. Allready there is portion of the american public that believe that nsa or whatever other agency they name will be good doing by implanting inmates and other undesires for tracking. What they dont know they have been used,manipulated and experimented with while real criminals that do crimes unimaginable to the average human are untouchable and having rich careless life by exploiting others.
  • Dina, you are not alone in what you go through! I too have had the enemy say evil things in my head. And they have burned my skin on various parts of my body. They made it feel as though my heart was skipping, but in my case, it was just in the tissue above my heart.

    Try and stay positive!  You know you are a good person. You know they are evil. Try and find things you like to do as often as you can. Any joy we can get in our difficult situation is like fuel in our tanks. Hang in there!

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