Neural interfaces are bi-directional. If you wear a neural interface device in order to control gaming or other technology hackers can then hack into your neural interface device and use it to monitor, influnece and modify your own neural activity without you being consciously aware of it. They can use your neural interface device to externally control your thoughts, feelings and even your own body movements. They can also use your neural interface device to place subliminal or audible messages inside your own head.

I am a long term non-consensual subject of remote neural monitoring and remote neural manipulation. I am being brain to brain interfaced with unknown neuro operatives against my will and without my permission. The brain activity of the neuro operative that I am brain to brain interfaced with and who is known as the encoder is recorded and then transmitted in real time to my brain and my brain then decodes the pattern of information that the encoder has generated. The encoders brain activity over rides my own brain activity to the extent that whatever words the encoder speaks come out of my mouth against my will and without my permission. This is known as forced speech. I spoke using a mans voice on a number of occasions even though I am female.

My website is called and I have been writing about my experiences of being a non-consensual human experimentation subject for many years.

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