I have finally managed to track down one of my abusers the spanish brothers:
Also picture a attached bearing in mind i think this photo
was quite a few years ago.
Please pass this information onto as many
targeted individuals as possible and if anybody is going to the targeted
individual day in london on the 29th august ask them to keep their eyes open for this man if anyone sees him!
However i believe that this is stephanul and not david of which is his brother!
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  • Sorry Stephen i realize that T.I Day is on the August 31st.

    I know 100% that this man is one of my abusers the Spanish brothers as unfortunately they used to live
    next door to my mum when i had synthetic voices in my head of which i thought at the time in 2019 was normal abuse
    i confronted him on this issue he used vile language at me and just before 2 seconds when he slammed the door.

    He said fucking kill him which i could hear in my head being repeated several times prior to me
    confronting him!

    I also have five support letters from various organizations i just had enough energy of when i was being attacked in june 2019
    to write down the symptoms of what i was suffering from.
  • Hi Mark, can you expand on this please , what makes you think that this guy is one of your attackers and why do you think that he will be in London on 29th? I should add by the way that from what I gather the TI protest in London will will not be on the 29th as that is a Sunday and no one will be on the streets to see the protest , so they are having it on the Tuesday instead. I am on a UK TI emailing group , all the people that were on the TI UK forum started their own emailing group and I am on it so this is where I heard it.
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