I've found my "original" handler

I thought his name was michael f.  But a search of google earth, national geographic maps, and bing maps, shows his home, real name, heck! it even shows the white pickup that he used many times to do the drivebys through my alley!  mark freeman, lives with his brother shawn in nine mile falls wa.

http://maps.nationalgeographic.com/map-machine#s=b&c=47.82639279342247, -117.60251828972485&z=19


if i die tomorrow, and i may just, i will die satisfied that i know who the "weird ass stalker" is that set me up for this repugnant derelict insectile cowardly targeting. 

all of this info was given to me, but as clues, not using real names etc.  i saw his brother the same place i saw him.  i saw the damned white pickup that he drove through my alley a hundred times, a former friend fed me some of the info (even tho it wasnt accurate, exactly.  thanks kathy!  you're what i call a "real" friend). 


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