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Idea & Reality Was in My Life Before I Was Hacked

From the situations & what was happening around me. You can say, in my life there was a kind of blessing. Maybe the origin of my family are good and kind people. But gradually, i start finding lots of coincidence in my life through the situations. I thought at the beginning it is just luck or super power to know what is happening next or just lucky to be in situation and somehow some connected situations or events are happening around them. In addition to that i was good at reading people faces or the words they wants to say but they don't say it, which you can call it the physiognomy.

At certain time in my life i was interested in telepathy and how you can send an idea or words to someone else. And through many situations and after a while. For real i became able to send a feeling just a feeling not controlling or abusing or anything else and the feeling i was able to transfer was to make the person in front of me feel pain in their stomach and i can see them feel pain or not comfortable. I didn't use it on everyone just if someone hurt me, and i wasn't able to get revenge from him. Plus after abused by those people the degree of pain i transfer is nothing compared to what they are capable of.

At that point of my life i was just dealing with transfer of feeling not controlling me. At a point of my life and after many situations you can say i was contacting or playing with someone i thought i  knew in real life. The contact i believed it was true was to transfer the feelings. I didn't know that it was those dark unknown people. Next post i will tell you how this communication has transformed to controlling me and my brain and my body and abusing me till this moment and till now and i can't get rid of them. I always feel there is a rope or wire i need to cut but i can't see it because it is imaginary one. If i can cut it to disconnect.

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